Autumn Circle - Harvest

So this is our first year "homeschooling".  My eldest daughter is only 5, and we are following a traditional Waldorf Education model, so this means there's very little "schooling" involved.  More of a daily rhythm and coming together for certain parts of the day.

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I plan to share our moments here on the blog and I thought the best post to start with would be our Circle Time.  I had originally wanted to snap a photo of each verse/song etc... but realized that was just not going to happen.  I didn't want to break the magic of circle time with my camera.  That would be in direct violation of everything I am trying to create for my children during this special time.  Maybe one day we'll have a visitor and they can snap photos, but until then I will riddle this post with the Etsy items I am pining for.  Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year...

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I've broken down our Cirlce Times into 3 week sessions (gets wonky with holidays and such but that's the basic time frame).  This gives E enough time to learn the verses, songs and movements and gives F enough time to learn it and bring it back out from within.  Meaning by the 3rd week she's ready to lead a few of the verses, help with the story set up, or even tell parts of the story herself.

This is our favorite part of the day. 

Autumn Circle - Harvest

Opening Song:
(our opening song stays with us all year)
by:Renee and Jeremy

Centering Verse:
(our centering verse changes with the seasons)
The Earth is firm beneath my feet
(bend down to touch the ground)
The Sun shines bright above
(hands reach up to the sky)
And here I stand so straight and strong
(step each foot into the ground)
All things to know and love.
(cross arms at chest)

(Join hands and walk in a cirlce)
Autumn is here and the world goes round
Autumn is here and the world goes round
Autumn is here and the world goes round
The world goes round and round and round.
(Hands are leaves fluttering to the ground)
Autumn is here and the leaves fall down
Autumn is here and the leaves fall down
Autumn is here and the leaves fall down
The leaves fall down upon the ground.
(repeat first verse)

I Had a Rooster
**This is a traditional folk song, not sure who first wrote the lyrics, you can google it and find lyrics.  We use Rooster, piggy, sheep, cow and horse.  I use wooden figures for each animal and a wooden tree for the Green Berry Tree.**

Little light up in the sky
(holding up two fingers to the sky)
Twinkling to and fro
(flicker fongertips)
Sending me your little light
(flicker fingertips down to the top of the head)
In the day and in the night
(day-hands open with fingers wide/night- hands under head like sleeping)
Until I rise once more.
(Stand on word-rise)

*to the tune of This Old Man*
Stars see me, stars see me
(hands up like stars, one after the other)
standing here under a tree
(arms out at sides)
with my shiny hair atop my head
(hands on head)
to your silver stream I'm led.
(sweep arms up into the sky)
Sun see me, Sun see me
(arms in front of you in a circle and then overhead)
twirl around so fine and free
(Twirl to the right, arms in circle)
with my hands held high I greet the day
(Twirl to the left arms reaching straight up)
your golden light on me will play.
(arms across chest)
A farmer rose at the break of day
He got on his horse and he galloped away, he galloped away, he galloped away.
Oh come all my men, oh come said he
our carrots and turnips for all to see.
In the warm brown earth they've grown so big
We must get out our shovels and dig, dig, dig.
So fetch your spades and come along,
to dig up the roots that have grown so strong.
We lay them out in the sun to dry,
Then pile them up in the cart so high!

Yellow the bracken, golden the sheaves
(cross each hand on head)
Rosy the apples, crimson the leaves
(cross each arm across chest)
Mist on the hillside, clouds grey and white
(cross each hand on knee)
Autumn good morning,
(arms open a circle)
Summer good night.
(arms close a circle)

**Story is done in a traditional playgroup/Kindergarten fashion with props and is not read to the children, but told.**
Harvest Moon Magic
by:Suzanne Down

After story we blow out our candle, tidy up the story and launch into snack prep.  After our activity (depending on the day) we come together for a closing song.

Closing verse:

I can turn myself and turn myself
 and stop me when I will
I can reach high on my tippy toes
and hold myself quite still.
Our morning is done
but not our day
for what is life
when there's no play.

Absolutely stunning felted wall hanging by darialvovsky.
So that's our circle time huh?  I wanted to share the resources I use to plan our circles.
It takes a bit of planning, and then some tweaking and fine tuning.  I changed this circle time after the first day because it wasn't working for my 5 year old.  I needed to center it a bit more.  It was almost too much movement for her.  I am currently working on our special Michaelmas Circle which I will share with you another night.  Off to shop on Etsy...oh please someone stop me! gnome addiction...might have to get these from Painting Pixie.


  1. Awh, I can remember the 'yellow the bracken' verse from my days at a Waldorf School. Your children are lucky to be schooled in such a beautiful way!


  2. oh I am so addicted to gnomes, too!
    and I love the centering verse!

  3. What a fantastic post...and thank you for including all the songs and verses...we'll try to incorporate a few for our fall lessons!
    xo maureen

  4. Absolutely precious! And inspiring!! Thanks so much :-)
    xo Kassia

  5. Circle time sounds fabulous. And I love all of your Etsy finds!

  6. Very cool. It's interesting for me to learn about home-schooling methods for when it comes time for me to make decisions regarding my children's education. Still a long ways off, but then again there's a lot to think about!

  7. hahah! you're so funny. cute etsy picks. your circle time sounds lovely. my son may be too young for this with me, because every time i try to sing a song with him, he says, "no singing, no singing, no singing." thank you for sharing!

  8. very sweet. we'd love to share a circle time with you. are you doing anything special for the harvest moon this week?

  9. Such a sweet closing verse. Play is indeed a must. And I too want to play with those phenomenal gnomes from Painting Pixie ;-)

  10. Oh my goodness! I just made your Crooked Grawnola and I have to comment.. It is out of this world!!!! (not too sweet, with a lovely grown-up-ey streak to it.) You're a genius!! In case you ever decide to write a cookbook I'm signing up for 10 copies :-D
    xo Kassia

  11. Kassia - You're so sweet. I'm glad you liked it!
    Roroma - Yes, we plan to have the little Autumn Harvest faeries visit and leave a basket of veggies/fruit that they harvested the night of the Harvest Moon!


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