Snapshots of our first week of "Kindergarten"

Posing by her new daily rhythm chart.

A certain little faerie dropped off a friend to take her through her days...

Circle time (with E of course).


From the school cafe...

Spirulina makes a lovely natural green for homemade playdough.
This week we made green - mint and yellow - fennel.

A lesson in textures and noise as we made our felt noise makers.

I'm a believer in the suzuki method!

Preparing yarn for finger knitting...

She finger-knitted mama a bracelet.

Thank you my dear F, 
it's been a magical week!


  1. I am really enjoying your beautiful blog. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. ah sweet, you know after hearing F was going to be home schooled, for a few days the first week of K, Tay asked to be "home schooled like F" I actually thought about it for a minute ;)

  3. Clearly you don't sleep girl!!! Creating a beautiful Waldorf rhythm AND taking care of your sweet newborn!! A mother's work is never done huh?!!

    Love the pictures!


  4. very nice mama! you are well on your way!

  5. Dear Laura, I've been enjoying your great blog for a few months now. I loved your recipes on Magic Onions, everything I tried was sooooo yummy :) Now that you've begun kindergarten at home I'm loving reading even more :) Earlier you mentioned inner work on your self, how to be a better guide to your girls. I'd love it if you could please share your favorite resources on this.. books, websites? My girls are 7 and 4 and this is something I need to do.... Thanks again for sharing your talent and passion, it's so very inspiring :) Love, Kassia

  6. this is very inspiring! do you use a waldorf homeschooling resource? how do you create circle time? what stories do you weave?

  7. Anushka - I replied to you on your blog. :)

    Kassia - Hi! I can't email you back personally because there's no blog/email attached to your comment...but I am glad you liked some of those recipes! yes, working on oneself is important isn't it? I will do a blog post on it soon, or send me your email address and I'll give you a few quick books/resources.


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