Rose Vinegar

Well, this is what's left of the 3 bottles of Dandy Vinegar

Time to get a new one going.  This time it will be Rose Vinegar. 

I still have a few ounces left of my organic dried red roses and I've got to make some more Rose Salve (since I sold out already).  But while I was preparing the salve I made sure to save enough for my vinegar.  Oh...can you taste it already?!?  Well, I hopped to it right away since a good apple cider vinegar infusion takes at least 3 weeks.

Why Rose Vinegar?  Roses have a cooling effect, making it a wondeful sunburn soother.  Just soak a rag in the vinegar and apply it to your burn as often as needed.  It also helps with tension headaches.  Place a soaked rag on your temples and take 2-4 oz internally as well.

Rose Vinegar

Fill mason jar 3/4 way with organic dried red roses.

Pour organic apple cider vinegar over the roses and all the way up to the top.

Place unbleached wax paper on top before sealing.

Put it in a dark corner of your kitchen.  Shake it daily.  It will be ready in 3 weeks.

Here's the same jar only 4 hours after.  Look at the color change already!  Roses make a gorgeous ruby red vinegar...go make some!


  1. How beautiful! Now tell me, can you eat this, meaning could you make salad dressing out of this? Or is more for medicinal purposes only?


  2. Oh yes! You can and SHOULD eat it. Just mix it with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. It's good with arugala and romaine. :)

  3. Apple cider is so medicinal and with roses I'm sure it's even better. I give apple cider to my horses, it keeps the flies away and good for their intestinal flora. I didn't know that about headaches,, how interesting.

    Have you made lavender honey? I'm sure you have, Delicious.


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