Our Week in Washington

Thought I'd share a few photos from our trip to WA.  After a few rough days at first (poor F!) we had a lovely time.  It ended with one of the most beautiful weddings I've been to.  Congratulations to my little brother Andy-pants and his beautiful bride. 

Day 1: F is on Sam first thing in the morning.  2nd thing in the morning?  F and E fell off Sam and F broke wrist.  Poo.


E missing her sister while she recuperates.

C amazing everyone with her cuteness.

Ready for more riding by Day 3 (after she burned her good hand on the stove...yikes!).

E telling Sam "It's ok...I didn't get hurt...F saved me."  This is true.  The girls were riding together when they fell off and F was a soft landing for E.  They ride Sam bareback all the time, so this was a shock.  I turned away for one second and thump!  Poor Sam just looked down and kept eating grass.  He wasn't even moving when they fell off.  We love you Sam.  You are the best horse ever!

Papa D with C...she has learned to stick out her tongue...it never goes back in now.

Dad says this tree is dead.  I say it's beautiful.  What do you think?

Even with a broken wrist you can hope over streams...didn't you know?

**The rest of the pictures will be posted soon...I just found out my camera ran out of batteries and my charger is still having fun in WA.  Yay me.  Oh well...I'll pick up a new one tomorrow and be back. TBC....**


  1. Oh my, what an adventure. Hope your wrist heals quick, F!

  2. Great life-lesson for your girl...get back on that horse, whether it threw you or you just fell off...even if it hurt...get back on, girl.

  3. Oh dear, a broken wrist is a frustrating thing at any time, but all the more so in the summer. Sam is lovely, though! Do you get to visit him very often?

    And Baby C sticking out her tongue -- darling! My eldest son never stuck his back in either, until he was about a year old.

    Wishing F speedy healing...

  4. A beautiful horse. It's a very high fall thankfully it's a calm horse. My children have had few falls from the pony but it's always a relief because it's never so high. Ponies are wonderful for the little ones. It's just a little more bumpy.

    I read your post on preparing for kindergarden.. I could never do circle time with my boys, there are far to many interesting things on our farm, they do so occasionally, so we just sing throughout the day, when we cook, or clean or play.


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