The Summer has flown by, no?!?

Here's what I was doing (and loving) just about 30 minutes ago...

Planning my first year of homeschooling. 
I know I know...laugh now all you seasoned homeschoolers, but even K takes a bit of planning.  We follow a Waldorf Education, so K is all about continuing the rhythms of home life.  I am mostly just planning our monthly circle time, exploring what classes we may take and working on my self so I may be a guiding light.
But enough about that for now, on to more love-n-links!

I am still loving our CSA from The Growing Experience, and guess what?  They finally have a website, so I can actually link to the farm now instead of an old newspaper article.  Yay!  Go here and see what they're up to.  F helped paint the mural on their home page.  Below is a picture of the contents of this week's box.  Update: We fired up our old Tanaka box too.  This hot summer has me wanting nothing but fresh fruits and veggies, so going through two large CA boxes a week is easy peasy.

I'm loving Amy's spunky reusable snack bag tutorial at Angry Chicken.  I have some cute fabric scraps that I can use to make these, plus there's no velcro, liners, snaps or anything.  Just simple, easy and functional.  Fantabulous!  I'll post pics (assuming I'll find time to sew this week).

I'm also loving how cozy my bed looks with Baby C all cute and snuggly in it, so off I go to the land of nod...

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  1. beautiful...and best of luck as you embark on your kindergarten adventure!

  2. I am going to check out the website now. I love those tomatoes. I love deformed fruit or veggies the best. It makes them unique :o)


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