Sorry I've been MIA this last week.  We were in Washington for a whirlwind wedding week!  My little brother got married and it was a beautiful ceremony.  I am planning a pretty picture post, but I have to edit the 5 billion photos I took first! 

Dear Uncle Andy

If you can't wait to see wedding pictures, then here's the link to Fike Photography (she took the photo posted above).  She's the photographer they hired and she's posted some on her blog already.  There are a few of F&E looking precious as the flower girls.  Poor little E's bubble gun didn't work and nearly ruined her walk down the aisle.  I warned of the dangers of having a 2 year old flower girl!

On to Love-N-Links...

This week I dedicate this post to the package I received from the Bits of Goodness swap group because a) I love every single thing we got in the package and need to say thanks! and b) I have not had a chance to read my fellow bloggers' posts all week!  I am looking forward to a quiet day at home where hopefully I can hop on the computer a bit and get all caught up.  Although the ridiculously cute baby bunnies we came home to may occupy most of my down time today...we'll see.

Look at this absolutely adorable Strawberry.  I want about 10 more.  Visit the maker Denise over at A Smile a Day.

This is a sweet hairclip with felted roses and knit leaves.  Very creative Margaret!

I love using nature bits in a functional way so of course I love these beeswax candles made out of seashells.  I have a few deep shells that would make gorgeous candles.  Thanks for the inspiration Rose.

My daughters will be thrilled to find this dear little fairy appear on their nature table.  This was made by Jessi.  For more of her special treasures, check out her Etsy shop Blue Skies and Dragonflies.

As for this whimsical Dragonfly Hallie made...I already have a plan for it.  I'll post about our plan soon, but for now you can visit Hallie at Our Broken Road
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  1. I am seeing the family resemblance between the girls and their uncle, no doubt. :) LOVING those little knitted crafts!

  2. SO many links to check out sooo little time!!! Aaahh better get crackn'! Thanks for sme inspiration!!!



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