I'm loving all your kind responses to my post earlier this week. 
Cousin B is continuing to make progress...we are still holding him in our hearts. 
The baby bunnies are absolutely precious.  F got to hold one before we came up to WA.  They will have their auntie Katie to look after them while we're gone.
My older brother is dealing with the seperation in a very calm manner (calm is new for him).
So we are moving right along...

Check out these Polish Mountain Shoes my parents brought home from Poland for the girls...I mean right?  So cute!

I love how E decided she needed a nap right in the middle of Yoga.  Understandable if this was during Savasana....but no, it was only 5 min into it.

I received these precious gnomes last week that I ordered from Jessi.  You can get yours at her Etsy shop, Blue Skies & Dragonflies.  I have hidden them away for a rainy day, or until one of the girls finds my semi-lame hiding spot.

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  1. I'm lovin' all the photos of adorableness in this post :-)

  2. i am just catching up on your posts. big hugs to you mama!! glad things are in an upswing. xoxoxo

  3. Those baby bunnies!!!!! Sooooo cute!!!!

    Hooray for fun gnomies!!!!



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