Wow, these week absolutely flew by....didn't it?  Well, mine certainly did. 

I'm loving F's new swim instructor!  She is amazing with the girls.  Thanks to my friends Andrea and Wendy for sharing her.

Also love the mud pit we visited at a friend's house.  We will try to make it to HB's Mud Park next year when F turns 6.  I remember going there when I was little!

I'm having fun with succulents lately...I have my friend Miranda to thank for that since she gifted me with a few this year.
Rawmazing's Strawberry Pie I made...delicious!

Happy that Susan finished her new Rawmazing Desserts book.  Every single thing I've made from her site has been better than yummy!  I'll be downloading the E-book for sure.

Thanks I have to go get a ricer!  I'll be making the neat balls this week as our beans for the week are kidney beans.

I am working on a post for Donni's site The Magic Onions.  She has a very informative series on her blog called "Discovering Waldorf".  I've added her button to my site...go check it out!

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  1. Thanks for the LOVE :)
    I still have yet to make THAT pie!!
    A MUD park? That sounds so freakin filthy & fun

  2. Mud park? OMG you are brave girl!! I get upset by the amount of sand the kids bring in from their box!!!!! Does sound like fun!


  3. Those succulents are beautiful. Love the newspaper pots.
    Peace and RAW Health,

  4. Thank you for the luvvv! Right back at ya sista! I'm still in shock re the baby bunnies (kind of with it would happen to us :-)

    Blessings and magic

  5. Thanks for the links! Look forward to perusing The Magic Onion's blog for all those lovely Waldorf projects ;).

  6. beautiful succulents and a mud pit sounds fabulous! : )

  7. sorry I missed this over a month ago! thanks for the linky :) I think this was the week Taylor started school and I was in a tizzy.


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