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Hi friends!

Pop on over to The Magic Onions today and read my guest post on Steiner's Grain of the Day.  It's part of Donni's wonderful "Discovering Waldorf" series.  Stick around and read all of the past posts too...if you haven't already that is!

The post has been split into 2 weeks worth of recipes!


  1. thanks for all these wonderful recipes. i just copied them all and made a folder for them on my computer. i made your purple pudding and loved it. i hope you are having a better time of it today. i read your previous post and just though, when it rains it pours. i'm sorry. i hope everything is getting better!

  2. speaking of recipes I just made your crooked moon strawberry vinigrette for my sisters tea/shower tomorrow :))

  3. Hi! I wonder if you might be able to answer a question for me about the knitted gnome hat? If you have time, here is my email:
    Thanks, mama!

  4. HI Mountaintop - I sent you an email. :)
    Anushka - Glad you liked it!
    Miranda - That dressing rocks!


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