Grain of the Day (Part 2 )

Hi friends!

Still no camera battery charger...I'd better get on that so I can share my recipe for Diaper Pail Disks!  Hopefully tonight...

Today is part 2 of the post I wrote for The Magic Onions.  It continues with the Grain of the Day recipes for Thurs (rye), Fri (oats) and Sat (corn) as well as some book recommendations to learn more about eating with the cosmic rhythms.

To read last week's Part 1 go here.
Then visit here for Part 2.

While you're at it, check out all of Donni's posts in her Discovering Waldorf Series and then enjoy reading new ones every Thursday.  After you've read all of those go do one of the many nature based projects/crafts she has so graciously created tutorials for!


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