Dehydrator Diaries 8/24 - Millions of peaches

...peaches for me
millions of peaches
peaches for free

Remember that song?  I do...

Anywhoo, peaches are definitely in season and I decided to put them to good use this week with some dehydrated munchies.  Like I've said before...we like to do a big batch of raw snacks about once a week.  With the travel to WA and my tendency to eat raw fresh fruit all day long when it's HOT, this is the first time we've fired up our D in a month!

First up was this:

Peaches-n-Cream Grawnola going into the D

I know it doesn't look like much, but it was ridiculously good and lasted all of 3 days in the house, which might explain why I didn't ever get a good picture of it.  It's my basic granola recipe with peaches as the main sweetener and cashews instead of pecans and almonds.  The cashews give it the "creamier" taste/texture.  Is it ok to describe granola as creamy?  Ha!

Here you see:
  1. Peach-flax roll ups
  2. Peach buckwheat cereal

  1. We often pour a bit of our green smoothies onto parchment paper and dehydrate it to make an easy portable snack - Green Smoothie Roll-ups.  This week we made peach-flax roll ups.  Just blend the fresh peaches with 1/2 cup of flax (soaked at least 2 hours with 1/2 cup of water) and dehydrate them for 7-10 hours at 115.  Then just roll em up and store them i a ziploc bag.  These were good, but I prefer the pure fruit/veggie roll ups.  Adding the flax gave them more of a crackery-crunch.

  2. This is just our regular buckwheat cereal recipe (from Raw Food/Real World) but I substituted half of the agave for pureed fresh peaches.  It was subtly peachy, but a fun variation on our cereal.


I got the new issue of Purely Delicious last week (yay!) and saw Russell James' recipe for Blueberry Buckwheat Coconut Granola Bars.  We didn't have any fresh blueberries on hand, but we did have peaches.  So I subbed peaches for the blueberries and the apple in the recipe. 

Going in...

These came out beautifully. 

Be warned, they took a full 24 hours in the D before they were crunch-tastic.  Not sure if it was because the peaches are juicer than blueberries, but there ya go.  I'll make the original recipe next week if I can find a good deal on organic blueberries.
My counters are overflowing with summer I think that might be the snack theme next week.


  1. I've been wanting to make Russell's bars too. Thanks for the reminder. And peaches do sound like a great substitution.

  2. wow.....this all looks amazing!!!!!!!!

  3. yum! i'm going to try making these this weekend! thanks!!


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