Crooked Baby Wipes

Aren't baby bottoms just the cutest?!?!?

My Mom made this fantabulous diaper cover for baby C...oh it is so soft.  I'm going to ask her to make me one.  Seriously.
I often get asked for my baby wipes recipe.  I can't possibly take credit for it since it's a basic recipe that all most cloth diapering mamas know about.  However, there are a few variations floating around and I've been making it for so long I think I've perfected our version.  This is what works for my babies' bottoms.  Feel free to adjust it and see what works for you.

Crooked Moon Baby Wipes

1 1/2 cups distilled water (you can use tap water, but I prefer distilled for this to prevent mold)
1 Tbs Dr. Bronners lavender soap
1 Tbs jojoba oil (I love jojoba for this since it doesn't go rancid and gets absorbed by the skin instead of coating it)
1 Tbs apple cider vinegar (because I put it in everything and because it can keep yeast infections at bay...although my kids haven't gotten one (thank you!) it can be more common with cloth diapers)
2 drops of lavender essential oil (anti-viral, antibacterial properties)
1 drop of tea tree essential oil (anti viral, antibacterial, anti-fungal properties)

Combine all ingredients and stir slowly to fully combine.
Don't let your 5 year old come by and do this...

Or you'll get this...

If this does happen, just let it sit for a bit and then transfer it to a spray bottle and set it at your changing station and you're good to go. 

You'll notice the jojoba oil will seperate, I just give the spray bottle a quick turn upside down or two before I spray it onto a wipe cloth. 
Some mamas use the soak method, but I much prefer the spray method for wipes because you can control how much you use.

Wanna share your wipes recipe?  Leave a comment or blog your own.

Happy diapering!


  1. Thank you for this post! I can't wait to try it when I have children :) What a great idea!

  2. nice--we have used cloth wipes with our cloth diapering system and we LOVE them. I have been using "bun drops" by chubby cherubs....small cubes of honey, oil, oatmeal....drop them in hot water and dissolve. they smell awesome and leave skin feeling so silky soft! I will have to try your recipe, though!
    I LOVE wool soakers.....W just got a few handmade ones for his bday:) that is a REALLY cute one that you posted!!

  3. I just use water and baby wash cloths. I never knew that apple cider vinegar keeps yeast infections away. We use cloth diapers and I have found that she has had a few yeasty/fungal things on her bum. Thanks.

  4. I usually put just water in a peri-bottle and away we go. Happy healthy dimply little baby bum :-) I also periodically use "Booty Cubes" that just dissolve in the water. And I use tea tree oil in the washing of the dipes. Thanks for the recipe!

  5. Love the diaper cover! I use cloth wipes for Luna but have not had to use anything else. No yeasty/fungal things yet, but I'll keep this post in mind if it ever does arise :).

  6. I love that wool cover it looks so snugly! We are water users here, mostly because I got lazy somewhere in these last 6 years of diapering, but I bet yours smells really yummy!

  7. Thanks for this. I was going to call you tomorrow actually and ask you for the recipe. Maybe I'll call anyway.


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