And then there were 3...

Three precious little babies...

It's been a rough week here at the Crooked Moon house...pretty rough.  However I've been able to reflect on it and find the good as well as the meaning behind some of the emotions and feelings that have emerged.

The Bad:
  1. Remember the exciting night?  Well, unfortunately we had 3 runts in the litter and they didn't make it.  I took it really hard.  Probably because I'm still all hormonal from having Baby C, and probably because I tried so hard and wanted so badly for them to all be ok.  We knew going into it that we might lose some of them, so thankfully we'd prepared F.  We told her that bunnies have big litters in case 1 or 2 of the bunnies decide it wasn't their time to be here with us.  It didn't make it any easier on me though.  At first I was angry at the mama.  Why couldn't you feed them all?  Why didn't you try?  Then I was angry at the bigger, stronger baby bunnies.  Why didn't you help them?  Why did you try to push them out of the nest?  Then I realized that this is the way of life for these animals.  It truly is survival of the fittest, and no matter how cute I think they all are, I can't change how nature works.  We had a burial and planted some sunflowers over their grave.
  2. My husband's cousin almost died.  I feel it's not my place to get into all the details on a public blog...but it's a huge part of why this week has been so rough on us.  We got the call Monday night that B was in the hospital and it's been a whirlwind ever since.
  3. My older brother is seperating from his girlfriend/wife of over 10 years and is super freaked out about it. 
  4. All 3 of my girls were diagnosed with Whooping Cough a few weeks ago and the cough is still here.  Oh...what?  Did I fail to mention that?  Yeah...that's because it sucks!!!
The Good:
  1. The remaining 3 bunnies are looking really good.  They are all fat and happy and starting to get their fur.  I expect their eyes will open sometime this weekend.  Mama bunny nursed them in front of me tonight and we made up.  I held them for the first time and she came up and sat in my lap.  I have already placed two of the kits and I suspect we'll keep the other one.  I'm getting them all fixed asap though because I am not cut out for this whole bunny raising thing...that's for sure!  I get way too emotional.
  2. Cousin B is doing amazingly well.  All the prayers, good wishes and healing vibes have not gone unnoticed.  He continues to make progress and we are hoping for a full recovery, although he still has a long way to go.  We love you B!!!
  3. My older brother is up in WA now with the rest of my family.  We join them on Sat and start the week long celebration of my little brothers wedding.  There, older brother will have his support system to help him figure out this whole seperation thing.
  4. Although it got pretty scary there for a bit with Baby C's coughing...they are all doing much better and there's only a few coughs a day now.
Lessons Learned:

  1. Nature is powerful.  Nature is amazing.  Nature does not consider your feelings.  Respect it and admire it.
  2. Life is precious.  Life is cruel.  Some people need help dealing with it.  Just listening sometimes is enough.
  3. My older brother does love me.  He does care what I think...even if he only calls once or twice a year.  That's just his way.
  4. Pride is never good.  I was always so proud of how rarely my children get sick.  I was always intructing others on how to keep their little ones healthy and then BAM! they all get wiped out.  In the future I will be grateful instead.
Grateful for family
Grateful for love 
Grateful for life. was your week?


  1. sending you a cyber hug. Next week will be better. I know it's hard when we can't help a little critter but your right , it is the natural way of things. I once tried to save a litter of kittens that were born all tangled up. The mama cat didn't want anything to do with them and I spent thousands in vet bills for kittens that weren't even mine and they all died.

  2. Wow. That is a powerful post, mama. Got me feeling all teary. I *love* the meaning/lessons that you have extrapolated from it all.

    Sending positive healing energy your way...

  3. This is the best post I've read awhile. Love "real life" posts, where you realise that life isn't all crafts, healthy recipes, and sweet children in a garden...hopefully a LOT of life consists of all those things, but real life is always there, hitching a ride. Blessings to you for having the wisdom to seek the lessons in life's challenges.

  4. oh darling! your family is in my heart wrapped in love and healing. Anything I can do please let me know. The buddha says that life is suffering so find the moments of joy when you can. Love and light.

  5. Laura, I really loved all the points in this post, especially the lessons learned. I can so relate to #2 because my brother and I too only talk a couple of times a year (on the phone) and see each other at the usual obligatory family obligations. I was so pleasantly surprised at how supportive he was when I told him the news of my job. I thought "wow, he really does get it." It's nice to have those feelings about family every now and then. I'm sorry about Mike's cousin and will pray for he/shes healing. And regarding the bunnies, again so sorry to hear about that. But at least you were somewhat prepared for it when I saw you on Monday. I know it didn't make it easier, but it is nature and it sucks sometimes. Hugs to you friend and here's to a better weekend!

  6. tough lessons to learn.... you're in my thoughts!

  7. I'm a new follower.
    I enjoy the world you are bringing me in.
    I'm so glad your presious girls are recovering from the cough. Were they vaccinated? I'm asking because our pediatrician is giving us hard time with those vaccination and the DTap one is one that I'm very uncomfortable about.
    Sending love your way,

  8. Isn't it amazing what we can survive. Glad things are looking up and that you have the wisdom to see all there is to be grateful for!

  9. It seems that life is always trying to teach us lessons and knows that we aren't going to learn them if they come too easy. I'm happy to hear that things are looking up for you and your family and hope your next week is a good one.

  10. Thank you all for your kind words.
    I am looking forward to our trip up to WA. I always feel so calm and at peace on my parents ranch. It feels odd to leave at such a time when I'm needed here, but I am excited for my brothers wedding. I am so proud of him.
    Mihaela - Welcome! No they were not vaccinated...that's opening up a whole can of worms here, but there you go. Everyone has to weigh the risks and make their own decision. My only advice is to make sure both you and the papa agree completely on your decision...everyone else is just an opinion.

  11. Ahh, yes this worries me sometimes, we plan this big move from Minneapolis MN to the country of CO this spring and hope to have a small scale farm. Upon researching animals and such it seems that yes death is very much a part of life. I am so emotional as it is I often wonder how I will handle this. Hope you recieve some healing soon ;)


  12. Great post - I too love the lessons you learned and thanks so much for sharing. Enjoy your time in WA - we just returned from Seattle and Idaho and it was truly lovely!


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