Shhhh.....I'm cheating!

Calm down...only on my vegetables.

Today we got our first CSA box from The Growing Experience.  They just started their program and we are thrilled to be one of the 20 families to try it out this summer.

Why is this cheating?  Well, we've been a loyal Tanaka Farms CSA family for a while now.  Next week will be the first week we won't be getting a box from them in over 2 years!  I feel kind of bad (hence the cheating blog title), but although we eat a lot of veggies...we don't need two CSA boxes.  Especially now that our little garden is starting to yield quite a bit. 

Wanna know what we got today?  Ok!  I'll share.  Here's what our new weekly box looks like:

1 large bunch of collard greens
1 large bag of mixed green salad
1 garlic bulb
1 small head of purple cabbage
4 apples
lots of little plums
bag of mixed cherry tomatoes
4 big beautiful heirloom tomatoes
1 huge heirloom beet that makes mine look like seedlings...
Lots of summer squash, including one as big as F's arm
Japanese cucumbers, including one as big as my arm

I ate this one right away with just a bit of sea salt and a crack of pepper.  Oh how I love tomatoes!

This bowl of plums didn't stand a chance...

E claimed the ridiculously huge cucumber as her own.

Go here if you're interested in what a weekly Tanaka CSA box contains.

TGE's box isn't better or worse...just different.  It's missing the huge sweet strawberries Tanaka usually has (E was upset to say the least), but it's got some gorgeous heirloom tomatoes that we'd never see in our Tanaka box.  As far as local eating goes, this is basically my back yard.  The farm is about 15 minutes from my house!  Tanaka is local too, but more like an hour away.

So there. 
I've come clean.
Tanaka my love, we're leaving you for something exciting, fresh, and new!  We may come crawling back in the Fall, but we're giving TGE a least for the summer.


  1. What's a CSA box? I love all the wonderful veggies you got! Such a wide selection too!

  2. this box seems to have a much wider variety than the Tanaka box. Sometimes I am sad to see how much of our box is filled with kale, cabbage or completely random things like celearaic (sp?). it looks wonderful.

  3. Gasp! Kidding..I'd love to see more and hear how you like it as the weeks move along.

  4. Holy sh**...that's one big cucumber!!!!!
    I want your CSA box!!!
    xo maureen

  5. Sometimes I still wish I had the excitement of a CSA box (instead of growing them, which is fun too!!). My now husband (then boyfriend) and I got a CSA box while we were in university in Montreal from the same farm for 4 years. CSA day was my favourite day of the week. Looks like you are in for some good eating!!! xo

  6. That's a wacky cucumber. I like wacky! What a gorgeous bounty you received :-)

  7. Carissa - A CSA box is a box of produce straight from the farm where the produce was grown. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

    Four Flights - I love celeriac...I'll trade you with oranges, drowning in them right now.

    Rainbow mama - No way!Maybe its just me, but running your own CSA is way cooler...silly fArmer mama. :)

    Maureen - yes and it was tasty too!

  8. Hi Laura! I really love your new blog - found it through way of lblittleones - although we've never met, I have always appreciated the lb information at my fingertips.

    Anyway - we were thinking of trying out a box from Tanaka this summer - but am curious to find out more about these boxes - is it open to the public yet?

  9. Hi Whitney!
    The TGE box is technically open to the public, but this is their first go at it and it's a smaller farm, so they've capped it at 20 boxes for now. They may or may not accept more in the Fall. If I were you I'd get on their interest list. They may even have random openings if others drop out.
    Call Jimmy at 562-984-2917


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