Running away to join the circus...

That's right folks, our little F has decided to run away and join the circus.

Ok, maybe not yet...but she sure might some day! 

We have been going to Big!World!Fun! at the Ford Amphitheatre for 3 years now.  It's their summer children's series.  This year's line up is particularly good.  The amphitheatre is a gorgeous setting, the shows are educational and fun and it's only $5!  Best deal in southern CA for a family friendly outing if you ask me. Back to the circus...

This week's show was Troupe Vertigo.  This was the one that F couldn't wait for.  I took her to see The Chinese Acrobats a while back and she still talks about it.  Papa and I are thinking that maybe tickets to Cirque would be a good birthday present for her, no?

She sat intently and watched the whole show with bug eyes.   It was actually more like a presentation.  The director of the group came on stage and explained the different roles a circus performer has and little tidbits about training and such.  Then the performers would do a demo.  F's favorite was "everything" and E's favorite was "the pretty lady in the blue" - an acrobat who danced with hula hoops.

I didn't have my camera (darn!) but F wanted to stay afterwards and meet the cast.  I managed to get out my iPhone and snap a few.

With Ganna, the contortionist (my favorite!).

Victoria, hula hoop acrobat (E's favorite...although she was much too wiggly for pictures).

Carren, the trapeze aerialist.

There were many talented men in the crew, but F only had eyes for the girls...hee hee...aren't girls funny like that?

F was doing little circus moves all the way to the car.  I believe she called this one the great balance:

The director of Troupe Vertigo also runs Cirque School.  A circus school right here in southern CA!  Well you know we just had to drive by and see it.  We got to pop our heads in and see an aerialist class.  F was all jazzed to take classes, but when we got home and checked out the schedule online we read that they do not have any youth classes at this time due to low interest.  What?!?!?  Doesn't every kid in Los Angeles want to take a circus class?  Well leave a comment if you're local and we'll set up a private class, how about that?

The circus antics continued all day back home.

Aerialist work going on here.

I was impressed with this little ones' upper body strength!

E created a tightrope with our dinner table bench...too cute!

Trying to do one of the contortionists tricks.

Would you run away and join the circus?  If so, what would you be?

**Dear little F,  Papa and I would fully support you in your decision to join a circus (just as we said we'd support you in your Gypsy endeavors as well as your Bollywood dreams).  That said, we hope it would only be a circus that utilizes amazing human performers and does not use any critters, big or small, to do their tricks.  I'm just sayin'. **


  1. your girls are too sweet!!! we went to a similar 'circus' in Santa Fe a few years ago, just amazing what the human body is capable of!

  2. Oh yes, the circus has always been alluring. Such a vibrant, sparkly, bizarre yet appealing spectacle! What a fun activity for your F.

  3. what a wonderful experience...especially to meet the real people behind all the **magic**.how inspiring for a young girl it clearly was.

  4. alaster and desi freaked over Cirque! take her she will love it!!!!! I agree with your mama though! NO ANIMALS belong in the circus!!!

  5. Your daughter is too cute! Great dress by the way :) you are such an awesome mama suporting whatever she wants to do. I wish more circuses (did I spell that right) would have people only and no animals. The only ones that come to Hawaii have animals like monkeys and elephants. It's so sad! What is wrong with people! And the animals always look very depressed. I remember seeing these monkeys as a kid in a circus here and even though I was young I remember being so sad for them!

  6. Oh how lucky to be able to see a cirus like that! The circus's that come to our area are very very lame in comparison, (and always have elephants in tow...very very sad looking elephants)!
    A great lesson for all us mammas to support our children's BIG and boundless dreams!!!
    xo maureen

  7. I LOVE the photo of her on the table!


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