Oh look...it's ME!

It's 6am...do you know where your camera is?

Whoa!  I know.
So why exactly am I posting scary pictures of myself all over the blog?
Because of this lovely mama, Maureen over at Twig and Toadstool.

I read her post and felt inspired. 

This is ME first thing in the morning before my contacts are in, before I've tied my hair back (it's always back in a messy bun thing), before I've had a chance to wash up, before I've had my tea, oh...but not before I put on some clothes (for common decency of course!). This photo is even before about 1/2 an hour of cuddling/talking/reading with my family which I am grateful to say we get to do every morning.

Now, I'm not gonna lie here...I don't mind pictures being taken of myself.  In fact my job BK (Before Kids) depended on it!  That being said, I certainly don't like how I look first thing in the morning.  Does anybody?!?!  Although I've not been *loving* how I look lately: tired eyes, new moles, new blemishes, new wrinkles even...I'm truly ok with it. 

I think a big factor in accepting one's self is surrounding yourself with people who love you for who you are.  My husband is my # 1 fan and has been from the moment we met.  When I'm having a bad day he's always there to hold me and lift me up (albeit sometimes he needs a little guidance...silly husbands).  Whether it's a joke or just a loving glance, it makes me feel special...loved...beautiful!

Some might argue we should find true self acceptance on our own and yeah, maybe they're right.  But having a support group there to guide and remind you of your worth surely helps.  I'd be lost without my crew.

It's ME.  I accept it...
Baby C looks cute first thing in the morning though, huh?

I wanted to link back to Shakti Mama's post and take her challenge in hopes of inspiring even more people to take a "real" photo of themselves...heck...just hand the camera to your kids and I'm sure they'll get an unflattering one (always up the nose!).


  1. Beautiful!!!
    And I so agree with feeling ok with the aging process, in fact I find it beautiful, and love the wisdom that the eyes carry having lived in this world. And yes having people around you who love and support you, is a gift, and in this way I am fortunate too!
    Thank you for the sweet words on my blog.

  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly...it's so nice to SEE each other...to truly get a glimpse of who these women are behind the blogs...so hello to YOU! You look just as full of goddessy goodness as I imagined!!!
    Thank you for sharing a glimpse into who you are, (even first thing in the morning you), and for inspiring other mammas in the process!!! You beautiful mama you!!!
    xox maureen

  3. Gorgeous! Even first thing in the morning. And I too think that self-accpetance is all a part of the mix of interdependence. Unconditional love can only grow beauty.

    I'm planning to push myself to take part in Shakti Mama's challenge as well. Should be an interesting journey :-)

  4. ok I need to get on the bandwagon and do this too. thank you for sharing these 'raw' and simply stunning photos of yourself.

  5. Loved, loved, loved, the last shot!
    Oh and your hair - it is gorgeous.

    Today - instead rearranging my day around how I looked I went out as is - it was freeing! Now I wont do that everyday - because looking nice makes me feel nice...but giving myself a break to just be is well really nice.

    Thanks for introducing yourself - as your simple, beautiful morning self.

    Namaste, Nicole

  6. I get ya, I feel more unattractive these days and I don't even have a kid for an excuse. I get plenty of sleep yet I always feel I look tired. I will try to take on this challenge! My hubby took some "real" pics of me the other day and I was too scared to post them. Maybe I will now.

  7. this is beautiful and you are beautiful! the part about your husband makes me so happy to share the same sentiments with you. he's my number one fan too and my little boy comes in with a tie i'm sure. we're so lucky to have the kind of man that will tell us we're beautiful all the time. and you're so right about surrounding yourselves with a good team. i look forward to having more babies too one day!

  8. gorgeous mama!! so brave to capture yourself first thing in the morning and all. of course, you can't tell it's first thing in the morning! i have taken some pictures today. i am planning to be brave and post tonight.

  9. I have been wanting to take part in Shakti's challenge too and I heard about it from Twig and Toadstool as well. Normally I'm okay with how I look but lately I'm not as accepting. I think someone should have given me the advice "don't cut all your hair off when you are just about to gain 30 pounds of baby weight". Sadly, no one did.

  10. Thanks to all of you lovely ladies for your comments. I have had so much fun looking through the comments on Maureen's blog and Shakti Mama's blog to find the links to those of you participating. It's like a great big hug, isn't it?
    ~~Keep the love and self acceptance flowing ladies~~

  11. what a lovely post. I couldn't agree with you more!

  12. Yes, you are absolutely STUNNING! I love your red hair! I remember always wanting red hair when I was younger :). I love your humor here too! I look forward to coming back and looking around your blog.

    I know what you mean about needing a support system. I love that Jeremy supports me and loves me as I am. How wonderful too that we're doing this for each other through our blogs ... it does feel like a big hug! I love that we are being so brave this way ... Wabi-Sabi Wanderings is so right when she says "And I too think that self-accpetance is all a part of the mix of interdependence. Unconditional love can only grow beauty." She puts it so well.

  13. Your children will treasure this photo of you, because this is how THEY see you...the posed ones, makeup on and hair done, are lovely but not REAL. I am so jealous of your hair...I'll be a redhead in my next life! And your freckles...like cinnamon on milk. I'm going to do this on my blog right now (took the pics the other day!)...

  14. I've thought you were beautiful for years and love the realness (not a word, I know) of you. Knowing who you are as a person only makes you that much more beautiful to me. I'm here to lift you up anytime!

  15. i did it... that post took me a long time to get out. http://bogoyevac-journey.blogspot.com/2010/07/self-portrait.html

  16. You look GREAT! I just did mine...


  17. Hi! Nice to meet you. I love this challenge, so honest and inspirational. You look GREAT, what pretty hair! :-)



  18. if ilooked that good in the mornings, and obviously even better later, i would love pics of myself as well! lmao

    yes, i agree that a support group that loves you for who you are makes a world of difference.

  19. It's nice to meet you here and to get to see you also!
    I was just about to come visit your blog when your comment came through, isn't that funny? I keep seeing your name at my friend Rae's...

    Beautiful photographs! And your blog looks lovely too. I will come see you again :)


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