So I'm not trying to pretend that this is an original idea or anything (with all the fabulous blogs out there everything's been done already...sometimes multiple times...ha ha!) but I often end up with random pictures that don't quite fit, or great links/posts on other blogs that I'd like to share.  Having a regular post where I can throw all these lil bits I find during the week seems like a good idea to me. 


I love this picture of F.  It was taken at a sweet birthday party a few weeks ago.

I love that E went out one morning, ripped off a piece of broccoli and sat down to breakfast right there!  Of course F could not miss out either...

This broccoli was our friendship seedling!

  • Go visit Earthmama and check out her plan for Seed Sharing.  I am in for sure...just  have to figure out what to share?  My heirlooom chocolate cherokee tomatoes, or maybe the chocolate bell peppers?
  • I made these salt and vinegar potatoes this week from 101 cookbooks.  Oh wow!  They were tasty.  I used ACV though instead of white vinegar.
  • I found this link for fairie coloring pages a long time ago and just remembered it.  Yay!  I printed them out and I want to make a sweet felted cover and "leave it out" for F and E to find.
  • I so want to make this bag from //Between the Lines//!!  I hope I find the time soon...
How about you?  Do you have anything sweet and slightly random to share?!?!


  1. Your daughter is beautiful :)

  2. I bet those potatoes are devine! I love 101 cookbooks! Everything I have made was awesome! We've got potatoes to spare. Thanks for the link!!


  3. your kids picked broccoli for breakfast? that is so cool!

    love that you are leaving out the book like the faeries left it. you are a cool mom.

  4. Carissa - Thanks! :)

    Lisa - They were very tasty. I made some in the oven too and they came out fine, although the grill gave a bit of a better flavor.

    Bitt - Yes, I am lucky they like their veggies...they like their treats too though...ha ha!

  5. I like the picture of F eating the broccoli...its like she is in a broccoli world...mmmmm

    My oldest daughter loves looking at crafty sites, and found this cool one

  6. What a lovely blog to come across this evening with precious little girls and a beautiful mama... when we travel soon and find some organic blueberries I'm sure my boys will delight in some purple pudding. My mouth still waters at the memories of vegan icecream I used to have at the organic market in Miami - I hope to find a recipe to make it some day.

  7. Kirsten - thanks fpr sharing the site...cute!

    Jeanene - glad you've come to look around. ha! I've never picked wild blueberries...sad, I know.


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