...like a weed in the sun

Let her tell stories and dance in the rain,
somersault, tumble and run.
Her joys must be high as her sorrows are deep,
Let her grow like a weed in the sun.
-Neil Gaiman

Oh little F, you are growing up so fast...just like a weed.
This week you have amazed and frightened me with how much you've grown.  You can do things now that I dreamed of you doing when you were just a babe.  I can only imagine what's to come.  These pictures will help me hold on to you at this moment.
I have comfort in knowing you'll always be my little girl.

**Pictures were taken by the amazing Victoria Pearson.  She's shot me and my family many times over the years for various jobs and she always catches something special.  Thank you for sharing them with us Beth and Vicki!**


  1. OH! She's a treasure...that hair! Those teeth! Those joyful eyes. Those pants! These are wonderful. I love little girls this age, before they enter the confusion, emotions, wonders of puberty...just sweet!

  2. she's quite a beauty....love the smile and hair....what a little sprite! Love your site; so glad to have found it:) ::hugs to you::

  3. What gorgeous pictures! Oh, you just gotta love those sweet little gap toothed grins!

    xo maureen

  4. could you be thinking of swimming perhaps?!?! That was so exciting and I'm so happy I was able to witness it :) It is amazing how fast these little girls grow; I am trying to treasure every moment too.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful girl. Love the outfit on her too. You honestly now have me second guessing the name for this little girl I am having (much to hubby's delight) and I have decided to wait until I meet her to see if she is also a little F.

  6. Love the missing tooth!! I love watching our little ones shed teeth...strange to most but hey what can I say, I am a registered dental hygienist and my father and brother are dentists. Too much into the teeth. :)
    Adorable girl...hold on tight to them. I am holding tight to our five children, not letting the world get ahold of them...too scary today. Keep their innocence don't let them become worldly.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  7. That smile!!
    Those pants...

  8. Love that toothless smile. That is one of my favorite times of childhood, when they are missing their two front teeth!


  9. WOW! She looks so like the old pictures of your own mama on this blog, so cute, such joy, bless her! We have a lot to learn from children and their innocence and joy at simple things :-)

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! She is beautiful, and so carefree looking in these photos. I try not to think too much about how Luna, only 11 months old now, will grow up quickly :).

  11. Thanks mamas! :)
    Yes, she's a dear.
    I can't take credit for the cute clothes though, that was the fashion editor.
    Four flights - Yes, swimming was one of the things...yay!
    Rosie - My mom will be thrilled to read this comment. :)
    Melanie- Oh yes! I am so excited. Go F!

  12. Now how did I miss these earlier? Stunning. Just stunning.


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