Happy Birthday Papa!

Happy Birthday to
my best friend,
my husband,
my partner,
my love.

I know you're not one for photos and you really would not appreciate me posting tons of them on my blog, so I decided to stick with the past theme of old photos I did here and here and post some of the ones I have of you from when you were a wee lil thing. 

Such a Mama's boy!

Yes, I have this pin on my purse and sometimes people ask how old my son is...that's weird.
Don't be scared, it's just Baseball...

Hey, you liked Ray-Bans back then too?!?!

Thank you Diana for raising an amazing person who completes me and makes my life anything but boring!

Happy Birthday Papa!


  1. lovely post, happy birthday x

  2. I always acknowledge my mother in law on my husband's birthday, because we all know that mama has such an influence over who her child becomes! I hope my son grows to be as wonderful a father and husband as his daddy is!

  3. So sweet. Your retro-photos theme is such a wonderful way to honour the special people in your life!

  4. Yeah, Happy Birthday Michael! Fun pics :-)


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