A felted pond

So I've talked before about a little swap group I belong to called Bits Of Goodness, right? 
Right.  Well it's a craft group that uses only natural materials to create little "bits of goodness" that we swap.  Most of the creations are waldorf-inspired and we haven't had a bad swap yet!  It's so great to get a package...sometimes I have to fight the kids to open it myself.  I like to open it when they're asleep so I can ferret away special treasures for holidays/birthdays.  Come join us if you're so inclined...

Back to what I crafted for the Summer Nature Table swap.

This swap ended up being very difficult for me.  My first three ideas fizzled miserably and I wasn't sure what I was going to do when all of a sudden I remembered this amazing piece of blue felt a friend had given me.  She accidently shrunk a gorgeous silk/cashmere blanket and gave me some.  Lucky me!  This stuff is gorgeous, it looks like running water.  I just felted in a bit more detail, cut it into pond shapes and created a little "wishing stone" by felting a mound of raw brown wool.

It looks sweet on our nature table and F has already created quite a few short stories using it.

To all my swapper friends - I hope this pond finds a lovely little space on your nature table too!

The next swap up is Trees...I believe I already have an idea brewing...


  1. I so would have loved that as a kid! I was really into miniatures.

    I blogged about your kale chips today. They were so good!


  2. Ooh, sounds like fun! I could totally get into this...going to check it out! And that pond makes me want to drink some Wonderland potion so I could dip my toes into that cool water...

  3. The threads in the wool...it was meant to be a pond!

  4. Wow! I would have loved to play with that when I was little. I went to a Waldorf School when I was younger, it was such a beautiful creative way to grow up. :)


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