Exciting night!

So last night I had planned on sharing the Gnome Hat pattern (yay - contain your excitement!) but nature had a different plan.

I went out to put away Pepper (our bunny).  I had seperated him from his other friend earlier that morning because Black as Night (our other bunny) was acting crazy and growling and pulling the hair out of Pepper's back.  It was already dark outside so when I reached in to pop Pepper back  I noticed Black as Night curled up in her litter box. Hmmm...strange.  I put pepper down and went to get a flashlight.  Even as I was searching for a working flashlight (why do we have like 5 that are all out of batteries?) I knew what I would find.
Got flashlight.
Turned it on.
Lots of babies.

Right about now is when I started freaking out.  I'm not sure why exactly. The way I was acting you'd think I was the one having babies.

I ran around in circles, a few cuss words came out, and then I took some cleansing breaths and called my friend Shannon.  Right!  Shannon to the rescue!  She's been witness to many bunny births.
Shannon was not answering her phone.

Well, I thought...just do what you would want if you were having babies.  I sent Papa off to research on the amazing interent.  I brought mama bunny in very carefully with the box where she had created her nest and set up a pen for her.  We have bamboo floors that she skids on, so we put down towels everywhere.  We layed out lots of fresh greens, hay and water.  I even gave her one of her favorites; carrots from my garden.  I figured she deserved a treat after birthing 8 babies!  Actually, I'm not quite sure how many there are, I haven't inspected yet.  We kept the lights dimmed and gave her space.  Papa had gotten the girls up (what?!?!why?!?!) so they sat quietly and had some tea, admiring *life* at it's best. 

F was full of questions and excitement.  At one point she went outside and started crying because the Papa Bunny (Pepper) could not be inside with Mama and the little ones.  Crying.  She only stopped crying when I agreed to give Papa some carrots and some extra love in the next few days.  My sweet little F, your heart is so full!  E danced around and threw a fit when it was time to actually go back to bed.  She only conceded when I promised a sweet bunny-baby-bedtime story, followed by a good back scratch (E's favorite these days!).  Baby C missed all the action...silly sleeping baby.

Now before you get mad and ask why we were so stupid silly as to not get them fixed.  You know how you rationalize things?  Convincing yourself of a different reality?  Yeah, well I was convinced they were both boys...guess not!

I promise to share ridiculously cute baby bunny pictures soon.  Please leave a comment if you're interested in adopting one of these critters.  I promise they'll be hand raised and lovable!!


  1. can't wait to see the baby pics!! what a surprise for you!!!

  2. oh my! please tell me you'll have us over to look at the wee babes before they go to new homes. ro's favorite bed time story right now is the flopsy bunnies.

  3. I laughed out loud at this...we had a similar experience the other night with our chickens (predator attacked, no babies, but lots of running around in the dark, cursing the fact that our three flashlights have no batteries)...animals ensure that our lives are never boring. We'd LOVE a bunny but doubt you can ship one to Canada! How exciting for your kids, and such a great teaching moment re. life cycles, mammals, mothering instincts, etc. Sounds like you were a great bunny-midwife!

  4. Bunny-midwife...perfect! Now you can add that to your list of awesomeness :-)

  5. Awwwww! I love baby bunnies! Have you considered getting you bun fixed? It increases their life expectancy to get then spayed :)

  6. We had a very similar experience with hamsters! LOL Miracles are fun no matter how "little" they are! Congrats on your bunny brood!

  7. Oh my...baby bunnies. We have never kept a bunny as a pet, our friends have two Lops.

  8. I really want a bunny! Alas bunnies and Pinky do not mix, so I have to wait. (Jeff has been on notice for a long time that as soon as Pinky is gone... I get a bunny.) Hope all your bunnies find good homes!

  9. Ahh, so cute! Sorry no bunnies for us, but I loved reading your story. Can't wait for the cute pics.

  10. Aw soooo cute!! You are a great *bunny midwife*!!! I love to adapt one! Actually we are considering getting some angora bunnies for their fiber, but how cute are your bunnies??!!! I don't know where you live, I'm from MN if your close I'll come get one. Let me know! Also ment to email you back--- getting there (ya know kids, nesting, cooking bla, bla!!).


  11. Oh my goodness!!!! That's soooooo funny, as if you don't have enough to do, lol. Sweet man! I love them. I bet you were a wonderful doula.
    Blessings and magic,

  12. Yes, they are sweet. Looks like we officially have 7. I'm a bit worried as only 3 of them are looking plump. I know we're not supposed to intervene, but I'm hoping mama bunny feeds them all!
    Donni - Want some more?!?
    Samantha - Sorry, we're in CA. My firend bought an angora and loves spinning her hair. :)
    Cathy - Well, I certainly don't want Pinky to kick the bucket, so I won;t push one on you!
    Aimee - Wow hamster babies must be teeny tiny!
    Carissa - Yes, we will be getting them fixed, we just procrastinated too long since we thought they were both boys...

    Bunny-midwife...yes! Love it. :)

  13. BABY BUNNIES!!! They must be so tiny and sweet.
    What is that nest made out of? Peppers hair?

  14. Kirsten - Yes, the mama pulls hair from her underbelly to make the nest warm for the little ones. It also helps expose her teets to the nursing babies. Brilliant!


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