Dandelion tincture

Returning to dandelion day to re-visit the tincture we started.

I let this go a full 4 weeks.
Time to press...

and bottle.

Now, what is dandelion tincture good for you ask? 

It's a good substitute for swamp water!  Just kiddin'...

Traditionally it's been used as a gentle cleansing/detoxifying tonic.  I wrote more about it here.

Definitely glad to have this on hand again. 

Herbal love!


  1. Wow I love it. I love tinctures and natural medicine. Great pictures too by the way.

  2. Loved your post on Dandelions too - you are giving me lots of great ideas for what to do with the ones in our yard (other than making wishes of course).

  3. good stuff! looks like you will have plenty on hand :)

  4. What a neat idea. I've only ever thought to dry dandelion and make a herbal tea. The tincture sounds like an interesting project. Requires some patience though. Four weeks is a long time! How long will that batch last you?

  5. Wow..that is really interesting. I would love to try it!

  6. Lucky you Susan - I will be doing a give-away soon where you can choose one of my herbal remedies... ha!
    Jill - this will last all year, but I make tinctures for friends/clients, so this will be shared with others. :)
    Melanie - yes, wishes are important too, so are the seeds the wishing disperses. They ensure dandelions for next year!

  7. I have dandelion in my salads and drink them in my teas. i had to bring seeds over to Dom Rep. Lovely Dandelion!


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