Capricious breeze

Here's a few words and a few photos I wanted to share and I thought they'd get along well.

Photos are by the beautiful mama Michele.  She came over when baby C was only about 3 weeks old and took some casual shots, capturing a few precious moments.  I love the maternity pictures she took, so no surprise these were great too...

Words are by Nancy Poer from her essay "Parenting in the Pre-School Years". The last few paragraphs sink deeply into my soul and I find myself re-reading them often.

The small child comes into our life like a fresh and capricious breeze.

This wonder-filled soul comes in utter trust that we will give it what is good and true.

With unconditional love and devotion it seeks to emulate us, absorbing all we bring, spoken and unspoken, deep into it's being.  We are like the sun...shining at the center of its universe.

Before the child we are called to stand in our truest humanity.

We are asked to be all that we can be.  What a responsibility!  What a priviledge!  We can only be moved to humility and gratitude.
Please know that the time of early childhood is brief.  Let the child teach you anew the joy of discovering the wonder and beauty of the world.
For you as a parent this is one of the most challenging times of life, and one of the most wonderful.
Take time to enjoy the precious moments, to love your little one. 
The future of humanity depends on such deeds.

I know we all "know" this, but I guess I just like the way Nancy lays it out.  The last line rings true for me.  Let's try to nurture our children and raise our children to be the people we want to see in this world.  Anyways, I hope you liked the words...that is if you could even read them with all these ridiculously cute baby pictures all over the place!! 


  1. Yes! Challenging but oh so wonderful!!

  2. Waaah! I've had a "bad mama!" day...too much impatience and raised voices...this is such a lovely post and reminder of the privelege of raising future adults! The photos just push it over the top!! Such lovely children.

  3. How precious. I love all the pictures :)

  4. What wonderful words and pictures! Thank you for the reminders about what is important in early childhood. I love this post. :)

  5. that nursing photo is incredible! it brought lots of emotion and memories for me. so tiny for such a short time. thank you for this!

  6. The words and pictures paired perfectly together. These words are truly powerful. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  7. Oh, that final photo is extra-delicious. Baby C's expression is so languid and curious at the same time. All of the beautiful photos are further highlighted by the gorgeous words.

    "Before the child we are called to stand in our truest humanity." LOVE it!

  8. I love Baby C (and the rest of the lovely Gallaghers)!

  9. Thank you for the reminder! How beautifully shared....

  10. Gorgeous photos and excerpt! Thanks for sharing!

  11. HI all!
    I am so glad you enjoyed this post. These words are helpful for me when I've had "one of those days".

  12. Beautiful! Made me find my little one and give her some love :)

  13. I have to say it was a tad bit hard to focus on the words amidst all those darling pictures. Thanks for sharing mama!

  14. Wow - incredible photos!! You are all just too beautiful. I really loved the words that you included - it just ties everything together perfectly. =)

  15. So sweet! I love the yawning photo.


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