Another Gnome hat

My friend asked me to knit up a hat for her to take to a baby shower.  Perfect!  I needed an excuse to pick up the old needles again.  I haven't touched them since Baby C was born.  Of course I decided on a Gnome hat!

Sweet Baby C is the model...

The hat is made with a lovely organic cotton hand-dyed yarn my mother brought me.  Lost the tag with the name and colorway though...sorry!

My friend liked it so much, she asked for another one for next weekend.  She's a doula, so she goes to a lot of baby showers.

I love sending gnome hats off into the world...

Now that I'm back on the knitting bandwagon...what should I make with this beautiful hand-spun yarn my Mom made?


  1. That gnome hat is beautiful. And Baby C is simply stunning! And I *love* fun yarn :-) How about a "Baby Surprise Jacket" (I think that's what its called), if you have enough?

  2. adorable! the gnome hat and baby c. ;) don't know what you should knit but i think it is so neat that your mom made you yarn!

  3. Oh my goodness!! That hat is awesome! I want one in my size!!!!
    I just came home with some lovely yarn from a big sale nearby...I don't know what to start with, (but, I'm thinking Christmas hats for all this year)!!
    xo maureen

  4. Is there a pattern kicking around for that hat? It is super adorable and I have a ton of yarn in my stash. I haven't actually knit anything for this baby (although I did buy and renovate a house so, you know, I'm cutting myself some slack) and this would be so perfect.

  5. I was just going to ask the same thing...pattern please! I went to your friends blog...the knitted garden...and still couldn't find it there! Can you give us the link?
    I NEED to make gnome hats!!!!!!!
    xo maureen

  6. Hmmm...let me get permission from my friend who wrote the pattern and I'll share it...hold back in a few...

  7. Beautiful. I just began knitting again after, oh, maybe eighteen years of not doing it. I was eleven or twelve since my grandma first taught me. I only wish I had kept it up.

    I think my first project will be something really simple, a scarf for Luna for those breezy autumn months.


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