We still have to eat...

So we stopped time...but we still had to eat!
I had less oomph and pizz-azz for creating in the kitchen though, so we made lots of old favorites (like our cereal, granola, crackers, hummus...) but we also tried some new recipes.

Any of you get Purely Delicious?  If you're at all interested in the Raw Foods Lifestyle or just looking for some raw food recipes to try, I suggest you check it out.  It's got some good articles and it's just plain pretty to look at.
Anyways, I pulled out a page that had a few recipes I wanted to try and stuck it up on the fridge.  I like doing that because then it's in my face and I'm reminded to actually make it one day.  I love it when I see a recipe up there that I happen to have all the ingredients for...dinner is decided for me!

I made the Broccoli-Tahini Pate for lunch one day. 

We first had it as a dip with crackers, but it was a bit over-powering.  It's much better suited as a spread for a wrap, which is how we had it the next day.  Spread onto some romaine lettuce and rolled up some veggies in it...yum!

I had been eyeing the Mango Lavender Mousse recipe all week.  I just had to wait for my mangos to ripen.  I always enjoy cooking with herbs and the girls were super excited for their special dessert.  We gathered all our ingredients and...

We were so bummed when it turned out icky-yicky. :(  Seriously...we couldn't eat it.  The lavender was very overpowering and did not mix well with the tart mousse.  If I make it again I would definitely cut the lavender to only 1 Tbs, and the lime juice to 1 tsp, but we're probably not making it again.  Mangos are way yummy all by themselves.

We made the Liquid Gold Dressing. 

Yay!  I love LOVE this dressing.  I make my own dressings all the time, and this one is a keeper for sure.  It even doubles well as a coating for our Kale Chips!

We made a few batches of these cookies.  You know...for late night nursing nourishment. :)

This is hands down the easiest recipe to bring anywhere.  It's super yummy and literally allergen free.  It's soy-free, egg- free, get vegan chocolate chips and it's dairy -free, get gluten- free oats and it's gluten- free, use ground sesame seeds instead of almonds and it's nut-free.  Guess what though?  They're NOT taste-free!!  They are super yummy.  Huh, guys?  Most of you that know me well have had these...I make them a lot.

We have been blessed by our friends with "Mommy Meals".  I just realized as I was typing this post that I should have taken pictures and blogged about all the delicious food we got from our friends.  To be honest it usually didn't last long enough to get a picture!  These mommy friends of mine sure do know what I like and put a lot of though/effort into creating our meals.  I know it's harder to cook for a vegetarian/vegan and even maybe a little intimidating, but you all totally rocked it out and we are so thankful!  Love you mamas!

One night when we didn't have a "Mommy Meal" being dropped off, the girls decided to make dinner.

Wild rice sushi rolls...thanks girls!  They were actually pretty tasty. 
For dessert we visited F's fruit stand. 

This is now a favorite game and I think she really wants to go sell fruit at the Farmer's Market...hope our 3 lone strawberry plants produce enough for that!!


  1. How thoughtful that you have friends that made you veggie meals! It does seem intimidating for a lot of people to cook for a vegetarian/vegan.

    That broccoli-tahini pate wrap sounds really yummy! I love Jennifer Cornbleet's Not Tuna pate (recipe on her site). It's so good!

  2. Intimidating to say the least my friend! I felt horrible not signing up but truly I am not the best cook and I just didn't know what I would make. I hope you understand.

    When do I get to meet your sweet little bundle of joy?? Miss you!

  3. I made the cookies and they're great!! I need to re-try the kale chips though. I really want those to work and I got a bunch in my box today!


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