Roses in the garden and on your skin!

We visited the Rose Garden at Exposition Park a few weeks ago. 

The girls and I loved it and Papa did too!  In fact it was his idea to go there for Father's Day.  We are definitely packing a picnic and heading back soon.

While there we also explored the California Science Center.

Infrared mama with baby C in the moby wrap.

Here's Papa in the Hurricane simulator...ha ha!

The girls enjoyed running around the huge structure at the entrance. 

E was sure she'd found Big Boy again!

They were a little young for the exhibits, but they liked the treehouse little nature girls all the way!

Speaking of roses...again...
I thought I'd share one of my favorite herbal salves.

Rose Salve!

I first made this in one of Julie's classes.  I instantly went home and made some and I've been making it ever since.

Why is it so wonderful?  Red roses are considered cooling and astringent, good for skin irritations.  There's also been studies done showing that they have cell-regenerative properties too (yay for under the eyes!).  Here's just a few things we use this for:

  • Make-up remover
  • Under eye moisturizer
  • "ouchy cream" for bumps, scrapes and bruises
  • dry skin
  • dry chapped lips (when more than just my lip balm is necessary)
First we crush the dried red roses (the girls help with this)

and then we add the jojoba oil.

I infuse the oil for 3-4 weeks and then mix it with high quality beeswax to create the salve.

I sold out at the Craft Fair in Spring and promised to make more.  It took me a little longer since I had a baby and all, but it's ready and waiting now! 

I'll be calling those of you who pre-ordered.  This stuff is definitely worth the wait!


  1. wish you sold those amazing salves close to us here in Canada, they look amazing!!

  2. I'm with my neighbour, rainbow mama...I can just imagine the beautiful scent of that rose salve...maybe we'll organize a salve-making party and follow your instructions! My middle name is rose and I've always been partial to them...

  3. this is so awesome laura! we'll have to give it a whirl over here - now to find some roses ;)

  4. I have a bunch of rose bushes in my yard...they are not red, more pinkish, they smell amazing in the morning. Do you think I could use them for something like this?

  5. That salve looks so wonderdul! I am actually drinking rose tea this morning :)

  6. Homestead - Then you HAVE to make some!
    Kirsten - no. red roses have the medicinal qualities. :( BUT you could use them for a fragrant rose water. :)
    Carissa - Do you use rose hips or rose petals for your tea? Rose hips are high in Vit C and super yummy.


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