Little bit of C love...

Baby C is only 5 weeks old, but has been very busy around here..busy giving everyone a little bit of love and a whole lot of cute!

Lovin on Papa...this was her Father's day present.

Lovin on Mama...or is that Mama lovin on C?

Lovin on F...who is only pretending to sleep so that she doesn't have to get in the bath.

Lovin on E...I know it looks like apprehension, but she loves her wild~n~crazy E!

Ah!  She is just so darn sweet I tell ya!!


  1. Oh Laura she is just so beautiful! When can I snuggle her - I miss you guys. SO glad you are all doing so well.



  2. oh, thanks for sharing the baby pics!! she is adorable!

  3. What a sweet new family you have! So lucky!


  4. Very sweet photos of a lot of love...thanks for sharing it!

  5. OH! That baby is DELICIOUS!
    All the photos are beautiful but I especially love the one of her with her little mouth open, coo'ing at her Papa. Precious!
    You give me baby-lust :)

  6. Well, I keep seeing your comments on blogs I follow and on my friends' blogs (twig and toadstool, rural rainbow ramblings, wabi sabi wanderings) and wanted to say hello and happy to have found you here! I'll be adding your blog to "blogs I follow" on mine! What a sweet family. We had our third 16 months ago and guess what? Although it does not make any mathematical sense, 3 is twice as many as 2 when it comes to offspring! Nice to see your older girls loving up that baby!


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