How does your garden grow?

Slowly...but surely!

We planted late this season, so we're anxiously awaiting our first pickings.

Broccoli (remember the friendship seedlings?)
Chocolate Bell Peppers


Cherokee Chocolate Heirloom Tomatoes





I felt bad.  My 5 year old was a little exuberant in planting the carrots and they desperately needed to be thinned so they could actually grow. 

I am a Carrot Murderer.  Ah!  Seriously...I hate thinning.  I feel so bad for the little tiny roots just beginning to grow.  Am I crazy?  When I thinned the beets it wasn't as bad because we made a scrumptious salad with the micro-greens.  They had served a purpose.  They had nourished our bodies.  These poor little carrots though just sort of got tossed along the side.
Oh well, now maybe these babies will grow!

We've been reading The Carrot Seed a lot to help with our gardening patience.

Here's a few other corners of our garden-

First sunflowers blooming in F's flower garden.

This little girl watches over our veggies.

This artwork is from the local artist, Doug Kurtz (also a dear family friend).

Oh, and of course there's our resident bunnies: Pepper and Black as Night.
Don't ask me which one is which!

Just thought I'd share what you can do with a tiny garden space on a half lot in the downtown of a large city.

We are loving The Curious Garden right now too!  Very inspirational for city gardening.

Share your garden photos with links in the comment section so we can all get Garden Envy!!


  1. I was just out in the garden a few minutes ago. I planted some veggies about a year ago (6 different types) and only 3 have taken to the soil, but I have some basil, parsley and tomatoes. For that, I am grateful!

  2. Good for you!!! We live on about 1/2 an acre out in the country, and I swear we do more with our little bit of land, than our friends with 100 acres! I love hearing about gardens in the city, it's reassuring to think that there are gardens in little corners and lots all over the city scape!
    May your thumb be green!

  3. Oh gosh I feel bad thinning too! For some reason I always feel like I'm wasting those nutritious little prospects of plants. I always think to throw them into salads or smoothies, but I never seem to get them all!


  4. How wonderful you are growing food with your family! Looking over your site, it seems like you would enjoy trying soapnuts. You can make all of your household cleaners from them and they are a dried fruit that grows on trees!
    Maggie's Pure Land often lets bloggers review their soapnuts. I Love using soapnuts and they just go into the compost when you are done with them. Here's their website:

  5. Your garden looks great! Love the bunny.

    I try really hard to have a green thumb, unfortunately I just don't think I got what it takes :(
    My veggie patch isn't looking so hot.

    I asked my neighbor to come and water my tomatoes on the deck while I was away,and she must be some sort of tomato plant whisperer...because they look happy. I am scared that I am going to screw it up.haha


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