Follow the Moon

On that Friday night in June
when the voice inside my head said,
"Follow the moon."

We visit the local library on Friday mornings.  There's a little storytime and then we spend an hour or so picking out books and reading in the children's section, followed by playtime in the park afterwards.  It's become quite a sweet little rythym that we are happy to get back to.  Today was baby C's first library visit.  I wish I could say she enjoyed it, but she kind of slept the whole time on my chest in the Moby Wrap (my favorite sling for newborns...and I have many!).

While we were browsing the books, a certain one caught my eye. 

Follow the Moon, by Sarah Weeks.  It's not uncommon for a book with the word moon in the title to grab my attention (hmmm...wonder why?!?).  This is a story about a baby sea turtle who needs a little help finding his way to the sea.  While reading it I kept thinking about a wooden sea turtle that we got on a trip to Hawaii.

When we got home the girls found the little guy...and we read the story again.

In Waldorf early childhood education, stories are told using beautiful natural playscapes.  I am often on the lookout for simple nature-based stories that translate well into a "story-time".  This is definitely an easy one to memorize and set up.
After dinner I gathered all the supplies and we called the fire-faeries to come to our story...

This is how it turned out. 

Presenting stories in this way really helps to bring the story to life.  E was simply enchanted and F instantly wanted to add her own touches and tell the story herself.  So after bathtime she had a go of it. 

She added a sea shell garden that protected the tiny sea turtle.

How do you tell stories?  If you haven't before...try bringing them to life with simple props and see how your little ones eyes twinkle with delight!

It's Friday.
It's June.
Follow the moon.

*Although, some what comically, tonight is NOT a full moon. Quite the opposite's a New Moon (also known as a Dark Moon).  Still pretty early in the Sea Turtle breeding season though, so hopefully no little hatchlings come out tonight and try to follow the moon out to sea.*


  1. How lovely!!!!
    Happy New Moon!!
    xo maureen

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed my book, Follow the Moon. I hope you had a chance to listen to the song as well. All best, Sarah Weeks

  3. oh so fun!! this is one of my favorite parts of class....bringing stories with simple, beautiful props. yours is gorgeous! what fortunate children you have to have a mom that spurs their imaginative forces in such a gentle, inspiring way.

    by the way, in class we tell the same story for two to three weeks (we only have class 3x a week). we just tell the story for a few days, use the props for a few days, and then usually give the kids a chance to act it out for the last few days. they love this part, too!

  4. I haven't been visiting blogs lately, Glad I visited yours today!

  5. Laura,
    i haven't had a chance to read your blog in a while but visiting you here today made me realize that i really need to make time each week. You have So many new and wonderful ideas. thank you.


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