How rad is my Dad? 
I mean look at that hair!! 
Now you know where I get it.

Oh Daddy...I was such your little girl. 
I miss the days of you carrying me up to bed every night (sometimes twice).  I miss our Friday morning donuts and special sushi dinners.  I miss how you used to pat my head and play with my hair when you were on the phone.  I miss our kayak days where I would sit in the cargo hold and you'd paddle all around the canals.  I even miss the irritating way you'd hold my hand (you know, with your pinky wrapped over the side-ugh!).  I know I'll always be your little girl, but sometimes I do miss being your little girl, you know?

While looking through my digital photo library (trying to organize it) I found these old photos my Dad had scanned in a few years ago.  So in keeping with my MOM post, I'd like to share a few old photos of my Dad...

How stinkin cute is he?!?

Thank you for being my Dad.  Thank you for loving me.


  1. DEFINITELY rad! Love these pictures. Happy belated father's day to him. :)

  2. You'll have to give your dad a special belated father's day wish from me


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