Where I've been...

Well, in an effort to "stop time", I stopped blogging too! 

I tried really hard last week to just be present and enjoy the moment with our brand new little girl...with all my girls!

I think I did a pretty good job.  Aside from one crazy day where we had gone about 5 places before noon...oh and the other crazy day where I had to drop my car at the body shop (slight accident my first trip out with all 3 girls-not my fault though!) and install 3 carseats into a slightly smaller rental car.  Yeah. Aside from those days...pure baby bliss.

I just really wanted to try to slow my pace down for a bit.  I missed blogging though...didn't think I would since I just started a couple months ago.  I guess I like being able to get my thoughts/feelings/creations out there.  There were so many things we made, ate and did that I wanted to share.  Funny...

How about you fellow bloggers?  How often do you take a "bloggy break" and for what reasons?

Be back soon...and there's sure to be more cute baby pictures!


  1. totally understandable to relax on blogging a little. take time with the little one. love the pics of the girls.

    yes i take breaks too, usually when i am really busy or traveling.

  2. Good for you, for slowing down and really enjoy this moment! Our new baby will only be this little once, so it's nice to enjoy every possible moment.

    I've taken breaks before too, either when I was away, or simply ran out of inspiration and just needed to recharge.
    Have a great week!

  3. I am just about due for a little break myself. I have 1-2 more posts to do this week, then a break for a few days at least. I've got Etsy orders to fill, yipee! And 2 little ones that I want to have a wonderful summer with!


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