Stopping time...

Can we?
Can we please stop time?
My little C is 1 week old already.
I know...I know...papa laughed too when I said this, but come on!  Time goes by so fast.  I need to cherish and remember these moments...every moment.

C in her Grandma's cashmere baby outfit from 1953!!  I love how it is roomy enough for the cloth diapers since that's all they had back then!

I was asked today if I ever get the "Baby Blues" after my children are born.  No.  I am always ecstatic...high on life and the ability to give life! 

I do get a bit melancholic though.  I look at my newborn and then I look at my other 2 girls and I just can't believe how much they've grown.  I know they were once this small too, but where did the time go?

Of course I want them to grow and become their own person, but at the same time I wish they would all stay tiny and helpless.  I really do...

Then I think of my Mom.
Mom, how do you feel now that your little bunny is all grown up with children of her own?
Now that is a head trip!  One day my babies will have babies!

F is 5 and full of wonder and questions.  This morning she got to pick fresh parsley from the garden for our green smoothies.

*Stop time...please?*

E is 2 and is a cheery little one who loves to talk talk talk about everyone and everything.  Today she carried this little owl around all day and gave birth to it a million times.

*Stop time...please?*

C is 1 week old and is experiencing something new every second.  I hate to do it...but she's got to go in the carseat at some point, right?  It obviously didn't bug her too much.

*Stop time...please?

Oh how I love you my little girls...


  1. This post certainly rings true for me. My little one is almost 6 months and every day I wish she would stop getting older yet want to see her flourish into the sweet little girl she is. Thank you for another great post!

  2. Congratulations on your new addition! She's perfect. I just read your birth story and it just sounds so peaceful. I hope it was as special for you as it sounded :)

  3. She is so sweet - I can't wait to give her a little snuggle! XOXO


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