Raw Rose Chocolate Ice Cream Treats

Ever since I took Julie's Green Wisdom class on Red Roses, I've been hooked.  I just love them.
I make a Rose Glycerite that is heavenly. I make a Rose Salve that helps with, under eye stress, cuts and scrapes, exzema etc.
I get so happy when my huge bag of organic Red Roses comes in!

A few weeks ago I made Diana's Raw Chocolate Mint Bars for F's birthday.  I have been craving them ever since.  When my roses came in yesterday I thought....yum!  I could make a Rose version of this, oh yes I could!

I always have Rose water and Orange Blossom water around the house. 

A splash added to sparkling water is nice, or I use them in baked goods for flavoring.

I'm not sure how "Raw" it is.  I looked a bit online and it seems it's really just a fresh extraction, but some sources say it's heated to kill bacteria...anyways, the rest of the recipe is still raw, so that's what I'm going with.

These turned out incredible!  I was a little worried about over doing the rose flavor, so I took it slow and tasted as I went along (poor me!).  I thought the rose petals would create a slight pink hue...but no such luck.  I considered fresh beet juice (too earthy) or strawberries (would over power the rose).  Any ideas to tinge it slightly pink for effect?

I keep the dish in the freezer and we eat them more like little ice cream sandwiches.  These would be perfect for a Faerie Tea Party...don't you think?

So here are my changes to Diana's original recipe:
  • Leave out the tsp of mint extract and replace it with 1 tsp Rose Glycerite.
  • Leave out the Spinach (I know...no greens in this one) and replace it with 3/4 cup dried rose petals soaked at least 4 hours.
  • Add 1 Tbs rose water
  • I poured the whole filling in and let it set (not half).
  • Crust
    Cacao topping
  • Then I made a simple chocolate sauce that's a bit more crunchy to top it with.  I used Susan's (Rawmazing) chocolate sauce, which happens to be my fave!

Oh, yes these are a special treat indeed.

Next time I make these, I am going to use the Orange Blossom water and add Orange Zest...how do ya like that?  Oh-oh!  Or I could use my Lavender Glycerite and make a lavender version....the fun never ends!

I know I keep saying this, but soon all the herbal goodies I mentioned in the post (Rose Glycerite, Lavender Glycerite, Rose Salve) will be available in my Etsy shop.  Just got to get packaging and pictures taken care of.  Oh and I have to give birth to a baby who is extremely comfy in my belly...

**Make sure when you're cooking with flowers (or anything really) that you try to get top quality organic ingredients.  Especially roses as they are heavily sprayed.**


  1. Okay, yum girl!!!! And hey where's your baby??!!


  2. Yum and yes, definitely Faerie Tea Party makings!

  3. Gosh, thank you for yet another shout out! HOW COOL is this variation on the recipe?! And exotic! Love it--must've been delicious indeed!

  4. Sounds wonderful! Roses are so fun to play with. You need to read Kiva Rose's blog on roses--I'll send a link.
    Maybe a little hibiscus tea for the pink? It's such a DEEP, gorgeous red, just a bit would work beautifully, I'd think.
    And thanks for the plug! Miss you in class, and likely wont get to see you much in the next few months, at least. But for a very, very good reason. Welcome, baby C.


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