Pictures for C! Guest Blogger - F

I drew these for my baby sister on the day she was born.

This one is the three suns, one for each of us.

This one is me and C being Faeries.

This one is baby C by the chilly sun and deep sky.

This one is baby C by a rainbow pond all day long.

Good bye.


  1. Those are some great drawings F, I especially like the one of you and C being faeries. Thanks for sharing. Made my day :)

  2. Great pictures, F! Can you please send one of those suns to Seattle because we need one. It is took cloudy here. :-) Being faeries sounds like so much fun. Baby C has a wonderful older sister.

  3. Thanks Kirsten and Bitt...I read her your comments and she beamed! :)

  4. I love the F was your guest blogger!! She did a great job and beautiful pictures!! It is truly special!!

  5. F., you have a way with words! I really like how both your drawings and your words, "chilly sun and deep sky" and "rainbow pond" create such wonderful pictures for your baby sister.


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