A photo filled day...

Sister love...

We had a photo filled day a few weeks ago.  My friend Miranda has started up her photography business (yay!).  Check her out here.  I've been reading her blog and seeing her photography progress for a while now and I am so glad she's started up a business doing it!  She invited us over for a "Lovey" photo shoot.  Basically you bring the little ones over with their special toy/doll/book and capture them in the moment with their lovey.  My girls don't really have one though.  I mean there are many toys/dolls they like and play with often, but no special one thing.  So that day F chose Abella the gnome,

and E chose Sophie the Giraffe.

Thanks for the fun morning and the beautiful pictures Miranda!

Later that afternoon my friend Michele came by to take some maternity photos.  Michele's been in front of the camera for many years and now she's using that knowledge to become an amazing photographer!  I love the way she can capture a moment. 

We did a few with the girls before they ran off to play.

Thanks to Michele for coming over and taking pictures of this special time.

The next day we did even more photos... but we can't share those until they're published. :)

I've been blessed to know and work with many photographers in my life.  I love how they all have their own "style"...it's such an art.  Keep up the great shots mamas and just maybe I'll learn a few pointers!


  1. Hi, I just found your blog and I'm hooked already! I've been reading a few of your older posts and I just can't stop reading, lol. I just love what a free spirit you are, you just glow in your maternity pictures! Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself. Looking forward to reading more :)


  2. Oh my that last shot is great! And so is the nude belly shot of you. What priceless pics you have now of this special time. You have to be due soon right?


  3. no baby yet huh? Beautiful pictures! thanks for sharing :)

  4. Stephanie - Glad you're enjoying the posts. :) Nice to "meet" you too mama.
    Lisa - Yep, actually I was due last Saturday. We're just waiting now...she'll come soon.
    Flighty - No, you're on my text list though mama!

  5. Thanks for the shout out! I love the silly one and the belly shot as well!

  6. Beautiful photos and beautiful family!
    You are one gorgeous mama!


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