I grew up looking at photo albums that my Mom had put together for us.  I used to love curling up in bed with her and looking at them, re-living our little adventures.  I still enjoy flipping through them each time I visit.  In fact, she's passed the tradition on down to me and we already have quite the collection of photo albums.  They are in the girls' closet, since F likes to look at them all the time!

I love my Grandmother too, of course, but she doesn't share much.  She tends to hoard things she cares about and locks them away to keep them "safe".  I used to ask to see my Mother's old room, but even that was off limits.  She kept it just the way it was when my Mother went away to college.  I suppose she feared I might disturb something.  I never saw any baby photos, any baby items, anything to prove she was ever anything more than my Mom.  I always wondered why I never got to see albums of her when she was little.  Did they even exist?

As I grew older and had children of my own, my relationship with my Mother changed.  Of course she is and always will be my Mom...but now she is also a dear friend, a confidante, a support, a guide of sorts.

Over the last few months we've slowly moved my Grandmother into another home and had the chance to go through the house and clear it out.  Such treasures were found!  Boxes and boxes of photos of my Mother when she was little.  All her baby clothes and items, some of which I shared here, and will see new life when Baby C arrives.

These photos are priceless!  I finally get to see my Mother as a complete person.  I see her expressions, her
energy, her soul in these photos.  I just treasure them.

I subscribe to the whole "everything happens for a reason" idea.  I think that by not seeing these photos until later in my life, when I could truly appreciate them, was part of the plan. 

E sleeps with this handmade wool blanket now...

Thank you Grandma for saving these for all these years...I am glad you can finally share them.  I will take care of your precious memories, I promise.

Thank you Mom for being YOU! 

For inspiring me to be the best Mama I can be and for always loving and respecting who I am and who I continue to be.

I love you with all my heart,
Your little Bunny


  1. Oh! So beautiful -- your words, the photos, your mother, and Little-You.

    Happy Mama's Day!

  2. I am a huge fan of retro pictures, (love the mother pics)...those precious glimpses into the lives of our parents and grandparents, (and if you are lucky great great grandparents...who had to hold still for SO long while the picture was being taken that they all look miserable!!)
    What a beautiful post!

  3. seriously your post are so damn sweet... ;)

  4. Aww....thanks fellow mamas! :)
    I've been enjoying the long visit with her, although I hope her new grandchild debuts soon so she can play awhile...she has to go back to PA soon!


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