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Guess where we went on Mother's Day?

I grew up going every year with my family.  My Mom would even make our costumes!

Papa and I met there 12 years ago.  It was love at first sight...um...kind of.  He *stumbled* after me and kept trying to hold my hand saying,  "What's a girl like you doing walking around Faire by yourself?" until finally I gave in and smiled at him.  The rest is history...

When he asked if I'd like to go on Mother's Day, I knew it would be a trip down memory lane.  We hadn't been there in over 5 years and this would be the first time we took the girls.  I should go find some old photos from our past Ren Faire's, but it's late and I'm tired, so I'm going to share the iPhone pics we took this time around. 

Her new outfit her Grandpa got her.
I have to start by saying that F was in heaven!  She enjoyed stopping and talking with everyone...I mean EVERYONE! 

A woodland Faerie she met.
She just loved all the magical bits and pieces about the Faire.  She drank it all in and has asked if she can "work" there next year...like her Gypsy Troop little friend she met. 

Papa used to work the Faire and so I told her that maybe we could work something out next year...although if she wanted to be a part of the Belly Dance Troop, she had better start practicing now!

E loved to scare herself by looking for the Imps in the trees (sorry...no pics).  She'd seek them out and then scream and run away announcing that they were coming down and coming after her!  It was mighty entertaining.  Her favorite part though was the gorgeous MayPole dancing. 

She even got to go up and help dance the MayPole.  Her sister happily skipped around the dancers with another friend she met.

We had to stop by Braids for Maids and wait (almost an hour!) for F to get some braids done in her hair.
Picking her colors...she was very still and had better patience than me!
Grandpa took her on the Dragon swing.

And Grandma took her on the Garden Swing!

It was a lovely day and I really enjoy their new venue.  It's much closer for us and not nearly as hot as Glen Helen was!  If you've never been I recommend you go check it out.  It's in town until May 23rd.  I am bummed we didn't get very many pictures, but since F has announced that we are most definitely going back there this Saturday, I'll be sure to bring my camera!

So, are you a Ren Faire geek too?!?!

**By the way, no Baby C yet...thought for sure 7 hours of trekking around Faire would do the trick...**


  1. That brings back wonderful memories!
    See, I used to live in Germany. While there we were fortunate enough to be able to go to fair much like yours. It was held at a castle and there were street preformers and a vendors selling thier amazing wear. Of course no German gathering is complete with out a beer and a bratwurst or shnitzel. We had so much fun and planned on traveling to diffrent areas for thoer fairs but life got in the way and we moved soon after. How I miss my home sometimes.

  2. I've only been to one, in Ojai - it was small as was I.
    Hey - you referred 21 people to my photo site - thanks!

  3. Braids for Maids -- delightful! I'm a Ren Fair geek wannabe. Sadly, they are all a goodly trek away...but perhaps that is simply a part of the adventure.

  4. awwww.those are my old dancing friends there you took a pic of!Country garden Dancers, now, but previous incarnation was as Newcastle Country Dancers. I danced for years at faire, cant go nowadays because it's just too strange to go and not "work"--though I still go and dance at the smaller faires. Ren faire was made for little girls. Jack thinks it's OK. He likes the music. No surprise there....


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