Happy May Day with fresh and pressed flowers!


Growing up we had a neighbor who would drop little May baskets every year.  I just loved it!

So that's what we set off to do today.  I initially wanted to do some recycled strawberry basket weaving...

(project we saw at the Earth Day Celebration)

but May Cones were a lot easier for the little ones to make.

Some were rolled up pictures they'd drawn and some were old scrapbooking papers they found.

Each May Day Cone was handmade by little F and E. 

The flowers were leftover from birthday bouquets.


A few weeks ago we pressed some flowers from our garden. 

We picked these flowers, can you guess which one is a fake (hair clip)?

Here's our little Root Children flower press...isn't it sweet?

We did two layers of flowers...

We kept this one out and F took pictures, she just loved this daisy.

Then we screwed the knobs back on as tight as we could!

This was the fake flower from the basket by the way.

Two weeks later we had some beautifully pressed flowers. 

Those Root Children sure were busy stomping on them!

We thought a pressed flower welcome sign for Baby C might be the best use for these flowers...this being her due date and all. 

We cut out a watercolor C and used a gluestick to adhere the flowers carefully to the paper.  Then we strung it up and hung it on the door.

What do you think?  Do you think the baby will come tonight?  I mean she does have a welcome sign now...
Happy May Day!


  1. what a sweet story!:-)

    welcome to the planet baby c!:-)...your pressed flower welcome sign is here!:-)


  2. I don't know if baby C is coming tonight... but when she does come, she will have a beautiful sign welcoming her into the world.

  3. Rebekah - Wow! Lovely pressed flower designs on your site! :) We are collecting more today for another project...

  4. Hello there - I too am a blogging mom of three little ones. I am inspired to try pressed flowers soon, thank you. I love that tradition of the May Day baskets too, how sweet. Thanks for sharing, love your site! Many blessings to you and your family - especially with your lil' bundle arriving soon.


  5. Come on, Baby C!!

    That flower press is DARLING!!


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