Dandelion Vinegar!

Remember our dandelion day?  Well our vinegar is ready!

It set for 3 weeks and could have gone a little longer, but I wanted a dandy dressing for my salad this afternoon, so there!

You don't really need the cheesecloth for this one since I didn't macerate the leaves, but I like nice clean vinegar so I used one.

Remember to squeeze out all the goodness...

and it's ready!

For my dressing I threw together the following:

Dandy Dressing

2 Tbs Flax oil
4 Tbs Dandy vinegar
1 tsp agave
sea salt
fresh ground pepper

Simple, yummy and herbal!

Yes, those are kumquats in my salad...and the flecks are hempseeds.

And, since we're a still deep in our BabyMoon...here's a cute picture of F playing Dr. with a 4 day old baby C.  The stethescope belonged to the girls' great Grandma who was a nurse!


  1. Delicious! Mmmmm...must go make a salad. Beautiful sister pic with lovely lighting. And Baby C. looks perfectly luscious :-)

  2. How lovely, I have been wanting to make dandelion wine, next spring!
    Love all your apple cider infusions.
    :) Christina


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