Come and gone....

Well, my due date has officially come and gone...again.
F was 7 days late and E was 4 days late, so no surprise there.  I don't put too much emphasis on the due date, it's just a guideline, but still.

I am one of those folks that actually enjoys being pregnant, so she's welcome to stay as long as she needs to.  In fact I always joke that it's easier when they're on the inside!  So I'll just go drink a cup of rasberry leaf tea, take my Mama-To-Be Glycerite and finish planting the garden.

So, we'll all be here baby C...whenever you're ready.  Here's a few things that are ready and waiting for you, just in case you're curious.

Your welcome sign we made yesterday.

Some vintage hats...


and booties that were hand crocheted for your grandmother back in 1953!

Your Grandmother's baby quilt hand made and appliqued by a dear family friend.

Your diapers all neatly folded and clean.

We even mixed up your special Crooked Moon Wipe Solution.

The birthing tub is blown up and ready to go.

The garden I said would be done before you came is shaping up nicely (this is the broccoli friendship seedling, look how it's grown!).

This is your sister F who is excited to be a "Double Big".
This is your sister E who is excited to be a "Big-Little".

We're reading one of our new favorite birth books, Blueberry Girl.

Oh, and we even made a big batch of Raw Fudge to have on hand for middle of the night snacking!

We just thought you might want to know what's waiting for you here on the other side.

With love,
Mama and Papa

** Black and White belly photos by my dear friend Michele...thank you mama!**


  1. what a heart warming post. something truly special for your little one to look back on one day. your pregnancy photos are gorgeous!

    both of my babes were two weeks *past due*. some of us just take longer to make our babies. ;) wishing you a blessed reunion with your newest bundle of joy.


  2. So beautiful Laura! I'm sure it's a wonderful little snuggle nest inside and hard to even think of leaving. She will certainly be thrilled by all the love that's waiting for her when she gets out though. Can't wait to meet her. Good luck!

  3. what wonderful pictures!

    you look so ready with lovely things!

  4. completly perfect, love this post.
    Mama, you are looking so good, stunning photos.
    Have found you from bitsofgoodness, I'm the new girl from the UK
    all love and happy, healthy birthing vibes to you

  5. beautiful post Laura. We also can't wait to meet Baby C.

  6. Wishing you beautiful birth blessings...

  7. Both my daughters were a week past there due date, babies seem to come when they are ready :)

  8. Would you mind sharing what your Wipe Solution mixture is made out of? I just use coconut oil for my little one but would love to try yours too. Thank you!


  9. HI Sonya!
    Well, when they're first born I just use warm water. Then I mix up 2 cups distilled water, 2 Tbs sweet almond oil, 1 Tbs California Baby unscented wash, 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil and 1-2 drops chamomile extract.


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