A bit of sewing...

We got this little mini sewing machine from my dear friend Carin. 

My daughter got a bit spooked by the needle, so she "sews" without one!  This isn't one of those plastic pink one's from the local craft store.  It's an honest to goodness sewing machine...just in mini-form.  She found it at a thrift store and used it to teach her own daughter's how to sew.

F made some burp cloths and baby blankets for C, of course.

I love how she wants to be involved with whatever I'm doing.  After a while F usually gets tired of pretending to use the machine and she'll go back to hand-sewing. Today she made a sleeping bag for her wooden dolly.

Little E takes on the role of entertainer.
She usually dances while we sew, but today she decided to eat huge cabbage leaves...

Tiny C snoozes away close by...

What am I sewing you say?
Well, my still unfinished FairyLand/Farmyard of course!

I'm not a super talented machine sewer.  I usually just sew by feel...anyone else do that?  Patterns freak me out, so simple stuff is usually what I make.  Anyone want to take bets on how long it will take me to actually finish this knitted farmyard?  Soon me thinks...soon...where's Carin when I need her?

Speaking of sewing:
  • My friend Andrea over at Four Flights of Fancy just opened her Etsy shop...yay Andrea!
  • I always get inspired to actually learn how to sew from a pattern when I see what Amy is making at Angry Chicken.
  • The sewing ideas, resources and tips at SewMamaSew are endless!
  • I just got a bunch of beautiful vintage sheets that need to made into something other than a simple twirl skirt for the girls...any ideas?!?


  1. I think it's so great your kids love sewing! Awesome!

  2. Thanks for the linky to my shop friend! I can't believe you are back at sewing already! Aren't you tired? :)

  3. I love the sleeping bag and the cabbage-leaf-eater makes me giggle! When I sew, I'll often start off with a pattern and good intentions...and then wander off in my own direction -- with varying degrees of success.

  4. Your knitted farm yard is well on its way to looking beautiful! I have the same project on my list...it's going to happen this summer!!
    Happy crafting!

  5. Andrea - of course I'm tired! That does not mean the girls are though...so we must fill our days! :)
    Maureen - Do share pictures when it's done!

  6. vintage sheets? well, a pillow case dress and napkins and place settings would be first on my list:)

  7. When I do dust off the old sewing machine,I usually am hemming pants or making a pillow..you know the easy stuff. The sleeping bag is awesome!


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