Welcoming baby C!

So, I'm due pretty soon here with baby #3.  Little C.
My dear friends threw me a shower over the weekend!
I just wanted to share a few moments from it.
Beginning the Henna...

Finished belly!  Love those crooked moons....

My lovely Henna artist Jenny.

My sweet hostesses.

No party for me is complete without chocolate covered strawberries...

A blessing board/matching game made by hand.

A beautiful paper star for little C to gaze up at.

Organic cotton yarn (how well do my friends know me?!?).

Sweet little felted booties made by a mama who just had her son 4 weeks ago!

A gorgeous paper crane mobile.  Better pictures here.

Thank you to everyone who came. 
Thank you to my lovely hostesses.
I came home and sat a moment and reflected on each and every one of you.  Well... I suppose I had to since I wrote the thank you notes...but still!  Your love and friendship means a lot to me and my family.
Thank you.
Me and baby C


  1. what fun and eco-friendly gifts. no plastic in sight! love it.

  2. We did hand-made or hand me downs. :) Baby C scored some really cute stuff!
    My friends know me pretty well and it really showed at the shower.

  3. Wow! A great shower like this would never happen in my family! I'm jealous.

    Beautiful Henna too!!

  4. 3 weeks. Both of my girls were "late" though for what that's worth! A baby on May Day would be fun...

  5. I loved that so many people made things for you- I'll get there one of these days :)

  6. Miranda - What? Just frame any of your LOVELY photographs you've been posting!! :)

  7. It was really a wonderful afternoon. I showed up in a bit of a cranky mood and within minutes all tension was gone! The food was delish and the company was grand. So happy to welcome baby C into the world with love :)

  8. can't wait to welcome the littlest girl into the world:) blessings and easy delivery wishes mama.

  9. Bitt sent me here to see your belly! LOVE IT! Great art work - so beautiful. Great idea for your shower too. ;)


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