Savage...the beast.

Here's our toy poodle, Savage.
Isn't he cute?!?
He's 6 years old and a big part of the family.  He's remarkably tolerant of the children, he just doesn't like to be picked up by them!
Lately it's as if he knows there's going to be another baby soon.  He's been totally attached to me.  He's probably worried about getting kicked out of the bed.  He sleeps next to me every night...he's like a little heating pad.  When a new baby comes though he has to sleep on the floor or over on papa's side.  This does not make him happy.  He gets over it though and I just make sure to give him lots of attention and cuddles during the day.

I like to let his hair get all fluffy, but it's harder to keep clean and mat free, so he often gets his traditional poodle cut.  He's a fancy circus dog like that.

There goes my poody dog - as E would say.

Who are your 4 legged friends?


  1. I have to say I like the traditional poodle cut on Savage, makes him look more prestigious.

  2. What a cute "beast"! You call him Savage?! That cracks me up! :)

    When I was a child, my family had a fat little maltese-poodle named Snowball. She was precious! Technically, she was my sister's dog, but she was my buddy. We grew up together. We were also the same age! We spent a lot of time together, she and I. Once, we even got lost together! As the years progressed, she grew older and became ill. In our eleventh year, Snowy passed. The Friday she died, I thought I'd never be happy again. But I've managed alright. Still, there hasn't been another animal companion in our home since that day. I just don't know if I can deal with another doggie death again. It was so difficult. But I know there are plenty of other wonderful animals who need good homes. I hope someday I choose to bring another pooch into my family circle--in Snowy's honor, of course! :)

    Well, that was a long post that you never wanted to hear! My my! Your little Savage just seemed to tug on my heart-strings...

    Talk to you again!

  3. Valerie - I'm glad you shared! Yes, I worry about that too as he's one year older than my first daughter. I figure we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I lost my childhood doggie when I was 8 and I'll never forget it. They are amazing little beasts, aren't they?


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