This is what F calls Ojai, CA.  I think it's cute, so I don't correct her...

I found out we would be up in Ojai for a night and I was thrilled.  I love Ojai!  It's so...um...what's the word?  Not quaint, but something kind of like that?  Plus there's some straight up hippy dippys there and I LOVE that!

Guess where we went first?
Farmer and Cook Cafe for some really good vegan/raw food.  It's kinda funky, kinda cute, and down-right yummy.  I so wish I had my camera, especially since F and E were in heaven twirling and jumping on there outdoor stage (complete with little tin lights strung up)...but since I was supposed to be in front of the camera on this trip...I completely forgot about taking my own pictures.

This place has a lot going on.  It's a cafe/market/farm/CSA/community space.  They offer strictly locavore meals too!  By the way I found a really neat little iphone app.

I had the Raw Tacos - sun dried tomato and walnut pate wrapped in cabbage leaves with their signature salsa.  Tasty and not too filling like some raw pates can be.  Papa got the vegan taquitos that were served with a mild mole, rice, beans, and cabbage slaw.  The girls did what they do best which is to munch off our plates and demolish a whole lot of guacamole!

I loved the food so much I had the crew order it for lunch the next day.  Even the non-veg people were impressed.  Go check them out the next time you're in the area!

We stayed at Casa Ojai.  Nothing special, but nothing awful either.  Their pool was undergoing renovations, so that was big let down for the girls.  We were really only there to sleep, so all it needed was a place to lay our heads and that it did, just fine.  It is an eco-friendly hotel too, so that's a plus.

Ojai has a lot of oranges and avocados.  Like a lot!  Since thats what is in season we certainly came home with armfuls.  E kept trying to eat the avocados and I had to explain that they were not ripe yet.  She kept trying....

We drove to the top of Ojai Valley and got out to look around.  The girls found bushes covered in Ladybugs, so we stayed a while and played.  I actually remembered to get out the camera here:

The rest of the day I was working, but the girls got to play around, climb trees, dress up and explore the lovely house we were shooting at.

Before heading home tonight we stopped at Bocalli's.  A little family run Italian place we heard about from my friend Miranda.  Papa is a sucker for Italian food and just had to try their spaghetti marinara.  He says the pasta was a little overcooked, and the sauce wasn't his favorite (could be the mushrooms they snuck in), but he liked the family vibe the place had.  The girls and I loved the homemade vegetarian minestrone soup.  I freaked out when I realized they didn't take credit cards (we had no cash!) but luckily the took checks, or we'd still be there washing dishes!!

Again, sorry not too many pictures...but I just wanted to share our little trip to O-da-jai. 
Hope to be going back soon!!
I still need to take a yoga class at LuLu Bandha's and visit the soon to be developed TopaTopa Institute.

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  1. Ahhh! I was wondering where you were at the last couple of days :) Starting to miss my new bloggy friend's posts :)

  2. i have heard so many good things about Ojai. Need to get there one of these days.

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed my home town! I meant to tell you about the farmer and the cook, so I'm glad you discovered it. I just looked at Victoria's house - wow, so gorgeous - I want ti move in. My my does a senior yoga class at the place you mentioned - she loves it.


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