May Faire is coming...

If you happen to be in the Southern CA vicinity on May 8th, please come on down to Maple Village School and join us at our May Faire!
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I can't begin to tell you what a magical day this will be.  Our school faculty, commitees, families and community have been working hard to create a beautiful May Day celebration.  There will be a May Pole, live folk music, storytelling, wholesome food and of course...spring crafts!  Our school store will be open and stocked with beautiful handmade gifts/toys to take home with you.

I usually take charge in the kitchen with my dear foodie partner in crime...however this year with the uncertainty of when baby C will debut I have taken a step back in the food preparation department.  If I am at the Faire, the kitchen is where you'll find me...oh and the school store of course!

I thought it would be fun to share some of the photos from last year's May Faire.  Maple Village has grown so much in the past year and I am so proud of everything we have (and continue) to accomplish at this start up school.  Enjoy the photos and I hope to see you at the Faire!

Me and my food partner in crime!

Maple Village School store.

Our lovely, talented and gracious musicians!

Our Playgroup teacher telling an enchanting story...

Making Fairy Tambourines!

My mother getting a spinning lesson in our school store by the resident crafting genius Carin.

F collecting the raffle basket graciously donated by Liscat (lucky mom won and gave it to me!).

The knitted farmyard we all worked on that my friend won...this farmyard is simply gorgeous!

I just love how we displayed all the different flowers of Spring!


  1. What a stunning post! Makes me smile to remember it all. What a fun day it was!
    Blessings and magic,

  2. yeah! we'll be there this year, and will have Skylar in tow. She'll be spending the day with us while Wendy is away


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