Look whoooo I made!

Picture by Jan Brett
I love owls.

One of our favorite books is Owl Moon by Jane Yolen.

I know they're not considered Springtime birds, but they're still my favorite bird.  So when I signed up for the Bird Swap over at Bits of Goodness, of course little hooters were what I wanted to make.

I had found this pattern for knit owls over at Ysolda a while back and made one to attach to a little scarf I made for a 2 year old's birthday. 

I thought some cute hair clips would be fun for the swap.  Then I remembered that not everyone has girls.  I mean what's a little 7 year old boy going to do with a hairclip?  So I changed my mind and made little notebooks. 

My daughter has been spending time at night doodling and "writing" in her notebooks by the light of her crystal salt lamp.  She loves this quiet time...I think she feels like she's staying up late or something.  Ha! 
I just knit up the little owls, sewed them to wool felt squares and added the paper...done!

I like how they turned out although I wish I had some lovely handmade paper to put in them instead of boring old cardstock. 

Have you ever made your own paper?  I loved the seed paper tutorial at The Long Thread, but I haven't gotten around to doing it yet.

If you like to make natural toys/crafts, then fly on over to Bits Of Goodness and join our crafty group.



  1. Can I commission an owl scarf next winter? LOVE that!!

  2. yes i've made my own paper. from scraps of paper. so much fun!

    i love your owl creations and owl moon is a great book! i've used it a lot in teaching.

  3. Me too on the commissioning of the owl scarf!

  4. ...and I thought you were going to say...a baby! Cute owls!


  5. Lisa - too funny! Not quite yet, although I was thinking it would be yesterday (full moon). Both of my other girls were full moon babies.
    Miranda and Andrea - I think I'll make some for the next craft fair in mama size...just have to get permission from Ysolda for the owl pattern. :) I AM going to make clips for the girls though. This pattern is so simple.

  6. love that sweet little owl! I'll have to give it a try :) thanks


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