Juicing the Rainbow

We've been having fun with our new juicer over here.  Look at the rainbow of colors!

RED - orange, beet, cucumber.

ORANGE - carrot, pineapple, orange and celery.

YELLOW - Pineapple and yellow heirloom tomatoes.

GREEN - celery, cucumber, mint.

BLUE - blueberries and cucumber.
(Ok, so it's not blue.  We tried lots of things to get blue, but decided that blueberry juice was ok since it had blue in the name, but ultimately came out purple.  How would you make blue juice?)

PURPLE - purple cabbage and 2 apples. (Don't be scared, it makes a beautiful purple color and tastes so good...no stinky cabbage smell at all.  Drink quickly though, it oxidizes fast).

F wanted to somehow juice all 6 colors at once and actually see a rainbow in the glass.  I explained that we probably couldn't do that, but I did know a good trick for making a rainbow in a glass.  We most definitely would not be drinking it though since it is milk, soap and food coloring!  I have to admit I felt weird buying regular milk and food coloring...oh well.
Didn't you guys do this in elementary school science class?!?!?

Isn't that beautiful?  It's not exactly how I remembered it from school.  I seem to remember there being like little fireworks in the glass...anyone else ever do this?

Fill a glass or bowl with skim milk.  Drop in 3-4 different food colorings around the edges.

Then squirt some dishsoap in the middle.  Watch the rainbow!

Now go juice something! :)


  1. Seeing your kids drink up all that yummy looking juice makes me want a juicer in a big way!

    I love your blog, and am so happy to discover it!

  2. Hi Victoria! Juicers are fun...go for it! You can usually find a good one on CRaigslist if you're near a large city. :)

  3. Really well done for the blog.these are so sweet and pretty!


  4. Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life



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