I want the camera! Guest Blogger - F

So I'm down the hall trying to clean up (yeah right) before dinner and I hear "click" "click".

"F...are you playing with mama's camera?" I say.

"I'm not playing...I'm taking pictures.  E is doing something cute!"  she replies.

Well, that answer was pretty cute, so although I really wanted to take the (expensive) camera away.  I reminded her to be careful, use both hands and snap away.  Who knows!  Maybe she'll be the next Annie Leibovitz...

She wanted to share her photos.  The captions are her own words.  Enjoy!

This is E doing something cute.  See the mustard?  She's silly.

I think it's a story.

The fairy is riding the ducky.

These are the pans for our veggie loaf.  That's what we had for dinner.

I like to mix it.  The onions hurt my eyes.

This is something mama made for lunch tomorrow.  We make food a lot.

This is mama doing nothing.

This is my doll in her jewel bed with her unicorn.


  1. Very sweet. Tell F hi from us and the we liked her pics :-)

  2. My kids love to take pictures too. I let them use my point and shoot, still expensive, but not aszzzzz expensive as my other camera. Cute pics.


  3. I LOVE this post! My kids have been wanting to do the same -- they're quite intrigued with this blogging thing and they've always loved taking photos. They're turn is coming :-)

    Good job, F!

  4. Thanks Wabi! - We are getting her a small digital that's easy to use, but not a kid one. The lid one photos are worse quality than cell phone photos!


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