Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day.

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What does it mean to you?

It was originally started by a senator named Gaylord Nelson in 1970.  Senator Nelson was an environmental activist and wanted to create an "environmental teach-in" focusing on local communities using a grassroots agenda.  Here we are 40 years later and I think Senator Nelson would be proud!
There are so many events taking place all over the world.  We are living in a time of conciousness where people really want to make a difference.  Can't you feel the Earth love?!?

For our family, Earth Day means a time to celebrate our Earth and all she has given us.  My children are a bit too young to really go into detail about environmental impact, carbon footprints and global warming.  What they do understand is nature.  We try to immerse ourselves in nature daily, so in that sense everyday should be Earth Day, but to make this day special we did a few extra Earth Day activities.

We started off with a green smoothie using freshly picked dandelion greens, oranges and strawberries. I think it's important to love our little dandelion weeds on Earth Day! :)

Then we got ready to cut into our felted Earth ball by Syrendell

We received this in a swap and I held onto it for just this occasion.

Um...oops.  I made a mistake and we cut open the wrong felted earth ball!  This one is just as gorgeous, but doesn't have the earth "layers" of the other one.  It is beautiful though, huh?  We are still searching for the right little Earth ball....

F wanted to color, so I asked her to draw a picture of something she enjoys that Mother Earth has given us.
These are flower fields.

She has a name for each flower, but she's asleep and I can't remember them.....bad mama!

E was asked to go around and collect different things in the house that look like the Earth.  With a bit of help from her big sister (F held the camera and took the photos) here's what she found:

A felted ball.

A sun stacker.

A felt leaf.

Then they got out their shell collection and we talked about how most of our Earth is covered with water.  This conversation quickly turned into shark discussions.  Little E is loving sharks and humpback whales these days.

Shell face was a fun game!

F wanted to make an Earth Day snack.  So we went for an old stand by that we make quite often that we also happen to call "Earth Balls".  Perfect!  I'll post the recipe tomorrow.

Then we hopped on over to the Earth Day Celebration at The Growing Experience.  It was a fun afternoon full of music, "green" information, yummy food and even an edible plant walk.  It was our first visit to The Growing Experience and I hope to get more involved with what they've got going on over there.  Can't wait for their CSA to start!

Enjoying music with Ms. Suzi!

Eating wild lettuce on the edible plant walk.  F pointed out that we had already eaten our weeds this morning in our smoothie!

F added her Earth Day flowers to the community mural.

A basket of my herbal goodies I donated for the raffle.

F's upcycled bookmark she made in the crafting corner.

Earth Day usually lasts a week or so with events happening on the weekends.  Check some out here, or your local newspaper.  We always love attending the Whole Child Whole Planet Expo.

I had some time to reflect on Mother Earth while papa played with the girls this evening. 
What can I do better for our Earth?
How can I make more changes?
I know!
My one weakness is my car.  My mini-van actually.  We drive everywhere!  We are very busy bees and everything seems to be on the other side of town.  I begged for a Trek double bike trailer last Christmas and I've used it all of 3 times.  3.  Now granted I'm pregnant, but still!  I really need to get better at not using the car so much.  We use our feet a lot for local businesses and errands, but I know I can do more than that.  We live downtown!  It's time for the girls and I to get better acquainted with our public transportation.  That's my goal for the next year.  I hope to return to this post next April 22nd and update you all with how much less we're driving

How about you?  Any Earth minded goals?  I end with a quote that was hanging on the tree at the entrance to the Earth Day Celebration...


  1. ah, these are all such great ideas Laura, very inspiring. We didn't talk about it at all and now I am sad :( Taylor did get a lot out of it though at preschool. Monday we had someone come in and do a presentation on composting with red wiggler worms and they were fascinated. And then yesterday they made their own little teraniums with stuff they collected on a walk. As always, good job mama!


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