Gnome hats for all!

I've talked before about how much I like gnomes here and here.
Well, last year my dear friend Carin shared a pattern she found in Living Crafts Fall 2009 issue.  She changed it a bit to work up really quickly and it is knitted in the round using bulky wool.  If I have some moments of peace I can easily finish one in a day.  Although bits and pieces of knitting time over 2-3 days is more likely!
I thought I'd share a few pictures of the gnomes I've sent out into the world...

E's gnome hat (my first one).

F's gnome hat in her requested color, purple of course!

Papa's gnome hat (and matching fingerless gloves!).

Uncle A's gnome hat...I hope he actually wears it!

Same gnome hat on his fiance...

E modeling M's gnome hat...loved this color blue wool by Rowan.

S's gnome hat...not sure he wears it, but isn't he adorable!?!

R's gnome hat...beautiful Rowan variegated pink color...cute!

R's baby bro got one too...he'll grow into it.

This is one cute little gnome, huh?

Apparently he shares his hat with his Daddy!

So there are a few of the gnome hat's I've made.  I'll add more pics to this post as they come in (ahem...slight nudge to my friend's out there who have not forwarded their pictures to me).

Want one?  You know you do....


  1. Too funny... you are the GNOME HAT GIRL!!! I esp love the photo of Papa in his gnome hat :-)
    Love them.
    Blessings and magic,

  2. I can't believe the difference in Shane's face! I love his gnome hat...he likes it too, but more to suck on than to wear :). I do think it is pretty nice of Shane to share with his daddy.

  3. My favorite is also the one of mike with his hat and matching gloves...very nice :) Oh and Seth looks pretty sweet too!

  4. love the pic of papa! so many cute gnomes. way to do your part populating the earth with those adorable creatures. ;)


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